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by Brethesen

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Poem, that was ridiculously hard to make!

The silent sea,
of a forgotten race,
through it a flagship moves,
200 000 000 tons of titan and steel,
a ship of broken hopes.

Several thousand gun turrets mounted to the sides,
to defend the last hope of mankind,
as it searches,
through the silent space,
a one planet,
that could provide food and water to the plague,
but they have already marked,
billions of planet's,
that can't be New Earth.

Gray mass of destruction,
powered by fusion generators,
and propulsion system,
machine of war,
created by a self-destructive race,
born from hatred,
and death.

The ultimate breed of self-hatred species,
genocided himself in his own homeplanet,
with weapons of mass destruction,
mankind worst mistake,
splitting of the atom,
The beginning of the end.

The endless space,
silently hides all habitable planets,
from the plague,
that will end all life...

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