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by rhemes

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poetry for the people

The world is such a stupid place
And the world is such a selfish place
and everybody's so f*cked up in here
And it only gets worse from there

And you can be as selfish as you want
And show how much you don't even care
But if you stare at a spot for a long time
You might notice there's a person there

What's wrong with everybody
They won't trust nobody
They're so dependant on their eyes
But slaves to sight can't see the mind

Knowing what everyone is saying
Ignoring all but their own complaints
They won't understand
That you can't know anything
Without another perspective

And everybody's useless
Doing nothing, thinking everyone is stupid
Just sitting there, thinking that
Doing nothing, no impulse to change any of it

And everyone's so sick of all the lies
And everyone's so sick of the stupid truth
Nobody's ever or will ever, ever be satisfied
It's just a perfect catch-22

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