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Our Song

by NegativeZero

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You dedicated a song to me, / You said this was our song,...

You dedicated a song to me,
You said this was our song,
Then one day you just left me hangin,
I guess its dedication was wrong,
At first the words seemed so pleasent,
It made mai heart feel light,
But at the end the words turned sour again,
Because I remember what u said last night,
It was over between us we're only just friends,
Only friends and nothing more,
Im drowning in tears for missing mai dear,
And inside mai heart feels torn,
I miss you more everytime it plays in mai head,
The song is stuck on repeat,
The more that I cry I just cant say goodbye,
Because you are all that I need,
I knoe that inside you are hurting much too,
So why cant you say anything at all,
While the silent song plays until the end of today,
You decide whether our love stands or falls.

© 2003 TimZ

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