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~Roses and

by zonnikku

Libraries: Adventure, Romance, Series, Sonic the Hedgehog

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When Amy and Sonic arrive at a carnival for a date, who comes to spoil their fun and complicate things further?

“Sonic, you’ll go on that date with me, right?” A young pink hedgehog asked.

“Sigh... right, right, sure.” A blue hedgehog replied. Sonic seems even lower than usual.

She thought. Sonic took a nap. And... lazier. She sighed.
It had been a few months after Sonic had beaten Metaloverlord. Sonic usually just pranced around now, stretching his legs for daily runs if he felt like it. Eggman hadn’t been preceding with anything, and it’s as if the world had completely stopped dead.
“No robot bashing, no Eggman; nothin’ special.” Sonic grasped a clump of grass next to him.

“I always wonder why I’m even running anymore. For once, I miss that fat dope.” He chuckled to himself. It was a week later. Sonic stretched his legs over the soft grass he was lying on.
“Sonic!” Amy ran up to him. “You’re ready for our date to the carnival?”

Sonic got nervous. What carnival? She never mentioned it... did she? He thought to himself.
“Uh, yeah, I am.” he lied.

“Great! C’mon, let’s go before it gets late!” She pulled his arm with remarkable strength.

She obviously couldn’t bear anymore waiting.

The couple arrived at the carnival in no time flat. Amy’s usual red skirt seemed to have flair against the flashing lights from the carnival. Of course, Sonic wasn’t the fashionable type, so he never noticed it. He bought her a cotton candy, bought himself one as well.
“Sonic, have you got a ride in mind?” she asked, rather forcefully.

He thought about it. Oh, dear god, please don’t say the tunnel of love!
“Hee, hee, this might surprise you, but I really wanna go on that roller coaster!”

She pointed to it. A colossus coaster, about 80 feet high, stood out.
“The Wild Rush, eh? Sounds good to me!” Sonic smiled. He sprinted to the coaster line.
“I’ll win him down by tonight!” Amy laughed.

This’ll always win any guy over!

The two hedgehogs finally got to step in the coaster seats.
“Two dollars, please.” The ticket man demanded. Amy handed him the money.

The man looked at the couple. “Well, don’t you two just look adorable together!” He laughed.
Sonic wasn’t amused. “Amy, let’s get on now.” He forced.
They both sat in one car, side by side.
“Can’t wait for the rush, huh?” Amy asked with a cheeky smile.

“This is gonna be awesome!” Sonic laughed quite a bit like a little kid.

Suddenly, a suspender pulled down their arms.
“Everyone buckled?” A man walked around, checking everyone’s suspender, to make sure it was good and tight. “Alright, start the ride!” He yelled.

The man pushed a crank forward, and then pushed a small button in.
“Creee...” The coaster started moving very slowly... Sonic hated it when the coaster moved so slow, but... the best part was just ahead! Sonic’s stomach started filling up with butterflies and excitement.

“Cree.. Cree... Cree...” The coaster started heading up, toward the point of the drop...
It’s at the top... pause. It seemed like all had stood still, when...

~~~~~ “CREEEE—CREEE!!!!!!!” ~~~~~

The coaster suddenly fell, accelerating it’s speed higher, higher, higher, higher!

The rush of wind forced Sonic’s spines to stand almost upright; and causing Amy to scream an extremely high pitch, even high above the notes of all the people on the coaster with them!
“Whooo~~ Hooooo!!!” Sonic’s vocal chords screamed with all their might.

The coaster came to a loop, and everyone was upside down! Amy suddenly got really nervous, and held onto him. The rush was getting to her stomach.
She closed her eyes very tightly. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea...

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