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Radiate empty life

by Brethesen

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Uh, i just letted my mind wander and i writed those things to the paper, this is what it became out of it. Dark poem, that sprouted out of my mind.

Hatred growing,
a silent euthanasia,
of a perfect mind.

and ruin of a pitiful creature,
that dwells in painful memories of the forgotten.

Just kill this empty vessel,
who's soul,
the umbilical cord,
has already so long ago left his body,
leaving just hollow shell of a man behind.

Deeply wounded mind,
deeply scarred heart,
the most painful way,
to live.

Continual of rage immemorial,
the force of despise,
that dwells inside,
internal battle of domination,
shame tied up with chains to his shoulders.

How could you fall so low?
On blackened shores your last dim hope eclipsed,
as you letted her smash all your dreams,
now they decompose on the shores,
in the final hour.

Striving for infinity,
shall i remain?
I wake up to black damned night,
and i wonder,
am i the emissary of the beast?

Resurrected anger,
yet strenght,
without hands to smite,
for the numbness rules my body.

Sound of the night,
dark shaded dreams,
follow me,
as i fall to sleep.

Radiate empty life,
for your life is eternal.

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