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Twilight's Wane

by ShadowKnil

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This is just a YYH based Fanfiction. Something that I thought up in school

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Chapter 1, Beginnings

Knil: Hey all. Thought that I would try another topic for writing. I think that I found my muse again, only because I have a lot more ideas in my head.

Hiei: What do you mean found me again? I was always here, moron.

Knil: Oh.... You were? How come--

Hiei: Just shut up and get on with this story.

Knil: Sorry, hehe. Well, getting back to the subject, this would be my muse, Hiei. And he just likes being angry. And I thought that you were dead or something. Thats only because I couldn't write for a while... Hey wait... What are you do-- *Has a bag thrown over him and gets tied up in it.*

Hiei: I'm silencing you, before you bore them to death. *Tosses Knil into the closet and locks the door.* Sorry about that. He just likes to get off topic. This story is a YYH story, and neither of us own it. Now to the story.

*Banging is heard from the closest.*

Hiei: Quiet down in there. *Looking back to the audience* Oh there was something else that needs to be stated, this takes place after the Sensui incident, Yusuke is still part demon, and something dark in stirring in Yusuke's town.

---Chapter 1: Beginnings---
A lone man stared at the feigning sun over the horizon. Watching the darkness envelope the town once more, as day became night. The wind blew softly, rippling his black cloak. Sighing, he looked over his back to find the moon beginning to rise. It took a few months, but he had gotten use to only one moon rising. It always messed him up with his time, but being in the human world for so long, it becomes a common detail. Above him, the stars began to come out of their slumber, and twinkle. The moonlight grazed his hair, being consumed by the blackened hair. Two ends of the bandana blowing in the wind, as he smirked at the inviting darkness around him. "Soon" The man hissed. "Soon, everything will be in place, and this world will be destroyed. Then I can return to my home, in peace." He knelt down, then jumped up to warp away from the town.

~~~The Next Day~~~

A bell rang, signalling the start of another class in Sarayashiki Junior High. As usual, one of the students was atop the roof, skipping class. Garbed in green, with an uncaring face, Yusuke Urameshi laid down and stared at the sky. It was already noon, and Yusuke waited for Keiko to come. Hearing the rooftop door open, he jumped up and hopped off the very top part of the roof.

"Hey, Kei--" Yusuke started, before he noticed who it was. A man dressed in red, with flowing crimson hair. "Sorry Kurama, I thought you were Keiko." Yusuke chuckled, as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"It's ok Yusuke. I just came up here to see if you were still here. I thought that even you would have gone on an search for the remaining men of Sensui's band. Yet, it seems that you haven't. And neither have you gone to any classes the past week. Is something up?" Kurama stated, quite casually. He had both of his hands inside his pockets, as he watched Yusuke for a responce.

Yusuke smiled, "Oh, nothing is wrong Kurama. It's just that Keiko seems more distant from me, since we came back from the Sensui case. And talking about the case, I didn't care if the others got away. I just want to face Sensui once more, to see which of us was stronger. It wasn't fair that someone interfered with the fight, and killed him." With eyes red as fire, his hand began to glow the same color. Smashing it into the concrete wall next to him, a huge hole was created.

"Calm down, Yusuke. Anger will get you nowhere right now. We need to concentrate on something else." Kurama stared at the sun.

"Hey, aren't you suppose to be in class as well, Kurama?" Yusuke retorted.

"They let me go, because I got nearly perfects on my tests. It seems that I know more than most of my teachers." They both got a laugh out of that. "Yet, I haven't heard anything from Spirit World recently. Are they still after you, because you're a demon?"

"No. I guess they don't want to die." Yusuke smirked. "What about Three-Eyes? Where is he?"

"Hiei? Um, I haven't seen him since we came back. Why do you ask?"

"Dunno. Just wondered where he went. I mean, he did want me dead before. And he seemed distracted when I went after Sensui." Yuusuke explained.

"Well, I think I should get back to class, before they suspect that I'm sleeping from boredom." Kurama smiled, and waved as he opened the door and entered the school once more.

"Smell ya later." Yusuke jumped back onto the highest part of the roof, and stared into the sky, drifting into a half-sleep.

~~~That Night~~~

The man jumped from light pole to light pole, as he surveyed the city. "I was there for a while." He said to himself as he jumped. "I was home, but then we had to leave. Why!?" Anger was present. "Damn that Yusuke. He trumped me once again." He leaped from one final one, to the top of a warehouse. Untying the bandana, he let his Jagan open. "Show me where it is. Show me the Twilight!"

Peering through the eye, he saw what he seeked, the Twilight Soul. An item that secured the barriers between the both worlds, along with another world. He longed to go back to Demon World, but he couldn't. Knowing that the others would follow, he came up with another plan to get there. And all it required was the Twilight Soul, along with the Twilight Eye. Once both were in his grasp, he could make it back to Demon world, and kill those responcible for his banishment to Human World. Yet, there was one more thing he wanted to do. Kill Yusuke Urameshi. Seeing him demolish Shinobi Sensui, he grew angrier that Yusuke was gaining more power.

"Soon, vengence will be mine. And that fool won't be laughing anymore."

---End of Chapter 1---

Hiei: Well, hope you liked the beginning of this story.

*Banging is heard in the closet again.* Hiei: Will you just stay still? You won't get out, until you learn when to shut up. *Kicks the door*

Hiei: The next chapter will hopefully be up soon. If Knil can get his head out of his *** that is. In it should be a good action scene, and a little less talking.
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