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Twilight's Wane

by ShadowKnil

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This is just a YYH based Fanfiction. Something that I thought up in school

Chapter 2, Problems

Knil: Hello all. Me again. I got out of the closet finally, no thanks to Hiei. *glares darkly at him* And now the next part of the story.

Hiei: I'll save you the trouble Knil, we both don't own any of the characters from YYH, however we do own Izumi, who should make an appearance here.

Knil: Don't spoil it, Hiei.

Hiei: Shut your mouth before you go back into the closet.

Knil: You wouldn't

Hiei: Oh, I would.

Knil *Twitch twitch* Well, I will post as much of this story today as I can.

Hiei: Get on with it.

Knil: Sorry. Here is the next chapter now. And the one italicized part is from a song, Perfect World. Thought it was appropriate for that part of the story. Con--

*Knil gets smacked upside the head.* Knil: Hey, what was that for?

Hiei: You were taking to long.

---Chapter 2: Problems---
The man was walking around town, searching for the two items he needed. He knew what they looked like and all, but the exact location was obscured to his Jagan. Yet he didn't realize how close one of the objects was to him.

In another part of town, Yusuke walked alone. Kicking a can down the alleyways, he noticed something sparkle. Yusuke went up to it, to uncover a strange necklace. "Hmm. I bet this might be important. Might as well keep it." He chuckled, as he pocketed the locket, and continued to walk. That locket, however, was lost by the one it was entrusted to. The one that contained the Twilight Soul in themself. He was the last descendant of the Twilight Guards, who protected the neutral element called Twilight.

Eons ago, both Demon and Spirit World fought a war. It still continues today, but back then there was a factor that neither could accept. A third-side, with just enough power to rival both of them. Believing that this would be dangerous to specters of Spirit and Demon World, they made a pact to keep this third power hidden. A power with limitless energy if harnessed right.

Now, Hiei Sakamoto knows of it. And of the seal that was placed on it long ago. It was long forgotten for ages, until Hiei began to wander the forests of Demon World. He stumbled upon a broken down temple, and he entered it. Seemingly, it was dedicated to the third side that was locked away. The Twilight was what encompassed everything around the worlds. It was what gave Sensui his power to rival Yusuke. And if it wasn't for Sensui, Hiei wouldn't have known about it, because he never would have searched there for anything when Sensui was left for death in Demon World.

"That fool may think we are friends, but I have been waiting. Waiting for the best time." Hiei said to himself as he stared over the waterfront. Below him, walked Yusuke, with an unusal power eminating from him. Hiei grew angry from seeing his rival walk casually around, like nothing was going to happen.

Leaping down and startling Yusuke, Hiei stared at the man, who towered over him. "So what do you have there?" He asked, pointing to Yusuke's pocket.

Stumbling backwards at Hiei's unexpected visit, Yusuke looked at the small fire demon. "I have nothing, now can you leave me alone?" He replied, not wanting to meet anyone right now, as his day was all about nagging once again.

Squinting his eyes in anger, Hiei asked once more, but in a darker tone, "What do you have there?"

"As I said before, I have nothing." Yusuke replied casually.

"I will ask once more, then I will slice your head off, what do you have in there?" He commanded.

Yusuke could sense some truth in what Hiei was telling him, so he complied. "It's just an old necklace." He said, as he with drew his hand to show it to Hiei.

Hiei's eyes shot open at the sight of it, then went back to normal. "If you don't mind, I would like to take that off your hands for you." He grabbed the necklace and stepped backward.

"You won't do such a thing." Yusuke replied, as he took hold of Hiei's arm before it left his vacinity. "Now give it back."

Hiei chuckled. "Let my hand go, detective."

"Drop the necklace." Yusuke commanded.

"I won't, only because I need it." His aura radiated from his body with that remark, encompassing Yusuke's hand.

"What do you think you are doing, Hiei?" Yusuke asked, as he didn't flinch with the power eminating from Hiei.

"I am taking back something that belongs to the demons. You are no demon in my eyes." Hiei squinted, pulling his arm away from Yusuke, and started to walk away.

Yusuke laughed. "So you don't believe me to be a demon. Why is that? Is it because I beat you before?"

"You are beginning to annoy me, detective." Hiei stared back, as he gripped onto the necklace hard.

Smirking, Yusuke decided to bait Hiei. "And what do you plan to do about it?"

"I plan to kill you, detective, only because you are the one that made me into a dog for Spirit World." Hiei scowled, as he swung his hand around, and punched Yusuke in the face, knocking him back. "Now leave me alone."

Yusuke's face was contorted in shock. "So you mean, this has been a lie? All of it?" He demanded as he stared at the back of the fire demon's head.

"Yes, now leave me be. If you interfere with my plans, I will make it that you wish to never meet me." Hiei jumped back up to a roof, and warped away.

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you
This means nothing
Nothing at all

All of the while, a man in a white cloak watched the tiny quarrel. "So it has begun." He said to himself. "The Twilight Waning is upon us."

---End of Chapter 2---

Izumi: Thank you both for including me. I'd like to thank my trainers, and my --

Knil and Hiei: SHUT UP!

Hiei: What stupidity I have to deal with.

Knil: And that's suppose to mean what?

Hiei: You know what I am talking about.

Knil: No, I really don't.

Hiei: Before, when you thought I was dead.

Knil: That was a misunderstanding.

Izumi: Uh, guys. What about me?

Knil and Hiei: SHUT UP!

Izumi: Ok *Cowers to a corner to hide*

Hiei: And what kind of.. *Drones off*

Izumi: Well since those two are in an arguement, I guess I shall reveal a little of the next chapter. The trouble in paradise is beginning, as Yusuke will reveal to the others of Hiei's betrayal. And I will be a major part of this chapter, as I will be the one to-- *Has a gag placed around his mouth to shut him up. He gets tied up and tossed next to Hiei*

Knil: Ok, since all that is over, I don't want any spoilers happening. And if either of you two forget who is the author, I won't hesitate to show you. *Glares at Hiei and Izumi*

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