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Twilight's Wane

by ShadowKnil

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This is just a YYH based Fanfiction. Something that I thought up in school

Chapter 3, Revealations

Hiei: Ok, since Knil is sort of indesposed right now, I believe me and Izumi can take it from here.

Izumi: Yep, that's right Hiei. None of us own YYH, but do wish that we did. I am Knil's own creation. By the way, where did he go?

Hiei: Oh, um he left a note, saying he went to the store to get some groceries.

*Faint pounding can be heard, and from another room, a distant voice can be heard* Knil: I am here, just in another closet...

Izumi: What was that?

Hiei: Nothing. It was nothing. I'll just be right back. I need to take care of a few things. *Hiei leaves the room, and shouting is heard. Then a few faint clunks, followed by a loud clunk. He comes back into this room, covered in a little blood.*

Izumi: Why are you covered in blood?

Hiei: I tripped and cut myself.

Izumi: You don't seem to look hurt. Are you--

Hiei: Shut up, and continue. I just need to find a black bag. I'll be back in a few. But whatever you do, don't enter that room. *He points to the room he came out of, and leaves the residence.*

Izumi: Ok, it seems that responcibility has gone to me. In this chapter you will find out a little more about the Twilight, and about Hiei's reasoning. Hope ya like.

*Izumi looks around to see if Hiei is still around, then tiptoes to the door. He opens it slightly, and collapses backward. Looking back at the audience, he feigns a smile and yells.*

Izumi: What are still doing here? Get onto the story.

---Chapter 3: Revealations---
As the man clad in white stared down at Yusuke, he wondered if it was the one who could continue his destiny, and save the Human World from the destructive power of Twilight. But he knew he'd have to watch him a little, before setting everyone's fate upon him.

Yusuke was awestruck. Here was Hiei, who seemed somewhat friendly, stealing a necklace, and gaining strength. Rubbing his cheek, he notices some blood that came from a cut. "He's got more of a punch than I gave him credit for." Yusuke chuckled slightly, but then got to his feet to walk to Kurama's home in the Human World. Spitting out some blood, he headed uptown, to find the rose-haired demon, to see what had happened to Hiei.

Upon reaching the Minamino residence, he knocks on the door, hoping that Kurama was still awake. Kurama's human mother answers the door, and Yusuke begins, "Is Ku--Uh, Shuichi home? Because I need to talk with him."

Mrs. Minamino nods, and points towards Kurama's room. Yusuke bows and thanks her, before heading into the fox demon's room. "Uh, Shuichi." He started, as Mrs. Minamino stands behind him. "I have to talk about our friend, in private." Driecting his statement slightly towards Kurama's mother, he enterd the room totally, and closes the door.

"What is it that you wish Yusuke?" Kurama asked, a little confused at what he had said before.

"It's about Hiei. I just was confronted by him, and it seems something is wrong with him." Yusuke blurted out.

"How so?" Kurama bluntly questions.

"He attacked me to get a useless necklace from my possession. And then he blatently said that he was going to kill me. However, he had grown stronger, since the last time I fought him. I mean a lot stronger. He almost knocked me out with one punch." Yusuke points to the bruise on the side of his face from the punch.

Kurama arched one brow as he listened to the former Spirit Detective explain what had happened between him and Hiei. "So he attacked you for a necklace?" He was slightly confused as to why Hiei would want some trivial thing like that.

"Yes. It glowed even in the darkness of an alley, like it was possessed by some magical properties."

Nodding, and getting a somewhat good idea as to why Hiei had gone to the trouble to steal the necklace from Yusuke, he began to tell him of what happened when both disappeared in the Demon World after Sensui was defeated.

~~~Flashback(POV is Kurama)~~~
Well, I had seen Hiei leave when Shinobi was lying on the ground, so I decided to follow him, only because we were bandits together, and I wished to see what he was trying to do. The forest around us grew denser and denser as we walked, with me staying far away from Hiei so that he wouldn't sense me.

Yet, he came upon something that struck me. It was a strange temple, that was overgrown with vines. Getting closer to him, I read what was depicted all over the place inside the temple. The world Twilight was used numerous times. But that wasn't what Hiei was intested in. He was drawn to a strange set of words, that talked about infinite power. And to gain tha power, one needed two objects, the Twilight's Soul and the Twilight's Eye.

Standing right behind him, I began to speak. "So what is it that intregues you Hiei? The concept of power, enough to conquer Spirit World."

"No, it just seemed strange that something like this would be in ruins. I mean Demon World is based on power." Hiei sneered.

"Well, it could have been locked away, like a lot of the power in this realm." I replied back.

Hiei smirked and turned around to leave the temple. "I believe I have seen enough of this retchid place. Let's head back to Yusuke and the others."

I nodded even though I was a little nervous with how Hiei was acting. We left the temple, and headed back to you.

"So what do you think all that power would feel like, Kurama?" Hiei asked.

Strucken back with confusion, I muttered, "Great and legendary."

"I doubt that Spirit World would allow me to search for them, because I would become a threat, but I think I should tell Koenma about it." Hiei retorted.

"What about Yusuke?" I asked.

"We shall not tell him. I don't want him to know of such power. He has alread ascended to another level in power." Hiei snarled, as we neared where are group was.

Coming back, we noticed Shinobi still on the ground, and Itsuki next to him. Deciding it was best no one knew yet, we kept it a secret.
~~~End of Flashback~~~

"So you see. I believe that the necklace you found, was actually one of the two artifacts needed to control the Twilight. Yet, I can't understand how one came here, unless the Twilight Guard is nearby." Kurama explained.

Yusuke was a little bored with the narrative, but listened to the part about the Twilight. "So you're saying that Hiei has one of the two keys needed to cause ultimate destruction?"


"We are in big trouble"


Through the window, watched the cloaked man, listening to the conversation that Yusuke and Kurama had.

Yusuke's eyes squinted, as he sensed another being watching, and opened Kurama's window. He pointed his finger towards the source, and fired his Spirit Gun. A ghost like hand blocked the energy attack, and revealed a man behind it.

"Who the hell are you?" Yusuke demanded.

"Yeah, and why have you been snooping around my house?" Kurama added.

The man smiled and opened up his cloak, to reveal a white tunic and white pants. "I am but one who knows of what you are dealing with."

"What's that suppose to mean? And please answer my question, before I use your face as a personal punching bag." The detective angrily exclaimed.

"If you must know who I am, I go by one name, Izumi." Izumi replied. "And I have come here, seeking your help in a matter that deals with the Human World."

"And how would we be the ones to help you?" Kurama asked.

"I have heard of the events that transpired not even a month ago with Shinobi Sensui. And how one demon slipped throught the Spirit Defense Squad, Yusuke Urameshi. Are you that person?" Izumi calmly explained.

"And what if I am?" Yusuke retorted.

"Then you must retake your position of Spirit Detective one last time, to save us from destruction."

"What destruction might this be?" Kurama questioned.

"The Twilight's Wane. It's when all existance turns into the Twilight, the darkness that surrounds the four worlds. A void in time and space. It seems that you're friend is trying to tap into that power for his own good."

"So it is true. It is the Twilight that Hiei was after." Kurama exclaimed.

"Yes, and it will be his, if you two don't depart now for the final artifact. It was split into two pieces, the darkness and the light, which combine to make Twilight. One is here, and the other. It's in Spirit World. Both were separated because of the pact that the demons and spirits made long ago to protect each other from it. It seemed that one of the demon's took the Demon World piece into this World, so you must haste."

"And I should believe you, because..." Yusuke remarked.

"You have no other choice, as I have Keiko. I have kidnapped her to keep this deal, and if you don't cooperate, then something is going to happen to her."

"You are a dispicable bastard. You know that right?" Kurama said.

"I am just a normal dealmaker. I have something you want, and you have something I want. Now if you please. Depart for the two pieces at once."

Yusuke hated to be outsmarted by this new person, but he had no other choice then to agree. "We will leave in the morning, by then we should have everything ready for our departure." Yusuke told Izumi.

"Alright, but if you don't leave by noon, then Keiko will die."

"Don't worry, we will be gone by then. And about this first part of the Twilight artifact, might it resonate a strange power?" Kurama asked.

"Yes, something like myself, only a little different. Only because they are part of me, and with them separate, I cannot control my powers totally."

"Then it's settled, we leave when dawn comes." Yusuke stated.

"I'll see you when you travel to Spirit World." Izumi said, as he waved the phantom hand over himself and disappeared.

"I hate that man." Yusuke displayed his disgust.

"Yet, we must obey, else Keiko might get hurt." Kurama explained.

"I know. So let's get started. We have only six hours till dawn."

---End of Chapter 3---

*Knil walks in with a bandage on his head, and a black eye.* Knil: Well, thats the third chapter of this story. Hope it was great by your standards.

*Izumi looks Knil over to make sure that no more bandages were needed.* Izumi: And I finally talked to people in this chapter. I'm so happy.

Knil: Well I am the writer and I thought you deserved a better part.

Izumi: Arigato.

*Hiei walks in and notices the two are finishing up a chapter* Hiei: I told you not to go into the room!

Izumi: Curiosity...

Hiei: Killed the Twilight!!!!!! *Begins to chase Izumi around*

Knil: Well next chappy there should be adventuring, and Hiei's discovery of his new powers. Talk to you then, because I have to make sure I don't die from these two.

Hiei: And where do you think you're going Knil?

Knil: Um, to the bathroom?

Hiei: The hell you are. Get back here.

Knil: Wow, a captive in my own narration.

Hiei: Don't tick me off Knil.

Izumi: Why do you two constantly fight.

Knil and Hiei: Shut your mouth!

Knil: This is our business.

Hiei: Yeah so stay out of it, Twilight boy.

Izumi: Bye all, till next time.

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