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Broken Hearts

by NegativeZero

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Broken hearts means broken dreamz, / Means no one cares to hear you sing,...

Broken hearts means broken dreamz,
Means no one cares to hear you sing,
No song dedication to the one you love,
You're broken inside and now your done,
You feel like you cant move at all,
You cry for help but no one hears your call,
With your head held down and you back against the wall,
You cry out a tear as you begin to fall,
You reminese on lost memories,
You think about her and shes all you see,
You even forget what she said at all,
Then you cry cuz you knoe she will never call,
Then you look up tryin to find her face,
Time will heal but memories never erase,
Nothin will help you forget the past,
Until she loves you again at last,
You understand that you'll be waitin forever,
You say you'll never let go, never let go; never,
But inside you're only just killing yourself,
Your friends try to help but you dont wanna be helped,
You're broken inside and say shes all you need,
But your friends need you too and they care tenderly.
You take a deep breath and think then sigh,
That you knew one day you'd be saying goodbye,
You knoe you have friends who love you and knoe how you feel,
These broken hearts just need time to heal.

© 2003 TimZ

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