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The End

by Brethesen

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This poem is dedicated to my all time favourite game Doom 2 (Just for a challenge, try to finish up Doom 2 with Ultra-Violence skill level... You'll be seriously frustrated with it really soon, i know)

Standing alone on the gates to Hell's deepest place,
I feel the loss,
Like a voice in your mind,
That will not shut up,
But still I reload my shotgun,
And raise my helmet from the ground,
Another demon to be slaughtered,
Another piece of My heart will turn to their side.

I look at the unlucky ones,
One with his lower half rippen off,
One hanging at the rope,
With his limbs severed off,
I raise the shotgun,
and enter the portal.

The demon in front of me is no demon,
It's something far worse,
It's gigantic head laughs at me,
Dozen of wires and pipes are attached to It's head,
Through the opening in It's skull I can see It's brains,
My target,
But in my mind thousands of killed demons yell at me,
"You will lose!",
"Thou shalt know pain",
"It's no use to fight...",
And million more,
Of sentences that makes me feel down.

I clench my teeth,
And jump down,
Before I step on the platform,
That will take me to the shooting lane,
While all demons of Hell are slowly transported to the hall.

With my last attempt,
I plunge from the platform,
And shoot my last rocket towards It's brain,
As I'm falling down to the awaiting mass of demons,
I see the rocket burst into It's thick skull.

This is the end,
The world will be overrun,
The Hell on Earth,
My nightmare come true,
Before my very eyes.

This is the end...

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