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One Enchantica Evening

by Animeiac

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The heores and Team Rocket meet a pokemon trainer that has a unique way of training her pokemon.

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Chapter 1

One Enchantica Evening

By Mari (A.K.A Maric, Maricc, Mar, Animeiac, Anime-iac)

Disclaimer: All the pokemon and the heroes and villains are the (c) property of Nintendo, Gameboy, Gamefreak, Creatures Inc., WB Network, Viz Comic, Viz Video, and 4Kids Entertainment. Amora Enchantica is the (c) property of me.

Chapter one

It was in the middle in the afternoon, Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu were walking aimlessly in some unknown forest and Ash and Misty were having their usual 'discussion' "I can't believe we are lost again!" Misty complained.

"Aw come on Misty, don't think of it as getting lost, think of it as exploring!" Replied Ash with some enthusiasm.

"Only Ash can be able to see the bright side of some things." Said Brock with a small chuckle.

"Pikachu."(Yeah.) Added Pikachu.

"Well I am getting exhausted from all this 'exploring'!" Misty huffed.

But before Ash could say something, Pikachu's ears perked up by some nearby rustling. Pika?"(What is that noise?) Asked Pikachu.

Everyone stopped walking to see what Pikachu was doing. "What is it Pikachu?" Asked Ash.

Pikachu looked up at Ash and pointed west to where it heard the noise. "Pikachu pi!" (I thought I've heard something!) Pikachu acknowledged. "Pika pi pi cha!"(Follow me!) Pikachu darted off to the direction of the sound and Ash, Misty, and Brock followed it.

All four of them stopped and came upon a small bush that seems to be moving.

"Pika pi chu pika!"(I found it!) Pikachu called while pointing to the bushes.

"Good job Pikachu!" Complimented Ash.

"What could be in the bush?" Asked Misty.

"Maybe it's a wild pokemon." Ash answered with some hope.

"Or it could be Team Rocket trying to ambushed us again." Retorted Misty.

"Whatever it is, everybody have better be ready for it." Acknowledge Brock.

"Pikachu!"(Right!) Added Pikachu.

All four of them stayed on their spot and the three trainers have their pokeballs already to be use.

Pikachu was already in its fighting stance.

Seconds went by as the bush continues to rustle.

Tiny beads of sweat started to form on their foreheads.

Just as Ash was about to raise his pokeball, something actually did jumped out of the bush. But it was neither a wild pokemon nor Team Rocket; instead it was a screaming and terrified "Gary!" They all shouted.

He was covered with scratches and bruises and he's got a scar on his right cheek and a black eye.

Ash and his friends were stunned with shock whey they saw him. "All right Gary!" "Just what is the idea for scaring us like that!" Ash demanded.

But Gary didn't even recognize him. All he ever did was running around like a scared headless chicken and shouted nonsense like "Beware! Beware! Mad Trainer in the Forest! Weirdo Pokemon! Fights Like A Demon! She's Crazy!"

Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu were baffled by Gary's behavior.

"What's wrong with him?" Asked Misty.

"I don't know," Answered Ash. "I've never seen him act like this before."

"Pikachu." (Weird.) Added Pikachu.

Just when Brock was about to say something, all six of Gary's cheering squad jumped out of the same bush that he was in.

"There he is!" Called out the first one.

"Everyone grab him!" Shouted the second one.

They all kept chasing him around till one of them managed to calm him down with a mallet.

The three pokemon trainers and Pikachu were astonished after witnessing that moment and to see a motionless Gary lying on the ground.

Ash was the first one to go to the girls. "Will anyone please tell me what is going on?" He asked the girls.

"We were in a small town for a break till Gary heard about a mysterious trainer who live not far from here." Answered one of the girls.

"So Gary decided to have a battle with this trainer." Added the other one.

"Let me guess, knowing Gary, he thought that he can beat this trainer just like he did with others." Ash implied.

"You got that right." Replied the next girl.

"But unfortunately, the trainer had other ideas." Added the last one.

"So we guess you all think what happen next." They al said together.

"Gary said the trainer is a she." Said Brock.

"That's right and she lives just half a mile from here." Said the first girl as she pointing to the direction that they have come from.

"But I hope that none of you are thinking about challenging her." Added the second girl.

"This trainer does not follow normal pokemon regulation and she use pokemon that no one has ever seen before." Warned the third girl.

"Yeah if I were you, I stay away from her as far as possible." Said the fourth one.

"All right everyone enough chit-chat!" Called out the fifth one as she clapped her hands to get the attention. "We have to take Gary back to town so he can recover."

"Right!" The rest of them responded together in unison. They all grabbed the unconsciousness' Gary and lifted him over their heads.

Ash and his friends stood there as they watched the girls carried Gary till they were completely gone.

"This is unbelievable!" Said Misty.

"Yeah," Added Brock, "who would've ever thought that Gary would be defeated by some unknown trainer!"

"Pika pika pikachu."(Not him that's for sure.) Said Pikachu.

"What do you think Ash?" Asked Misty but there was no answer. Then she spotted him heading towards the direction that Gary and the cheerleaders came out of.

"Hey Ash!" Brock called out. "Where are headed off to?"

Ash was quiet for a bit, then he finally answers. "I'm going to find this mysterious trainer."

"What?!?!" "Pika?!?!" Yelled Misty, Brock, and Pikachu.

"Ash you're not thinking what I hope you are not thinking!" Said Misty with a mixture of anger and fear in her voice.

"But I got to Misty." Said Ash "You guys know that I could've never resist a challenge."

"But Ash if Gary couldn't defeat this trainer, what makes you think you have a chance." Responded Misty.

"She's right Ash," Added Brock. "we all saw what kind of shape Gary's in. You could've ended up worst off then he is."

"Pika Pika Pi!"(Please don't do this Ash) Pleaded Pikachu.

"Sorry guys but that's the chance that I have to take." rebutuled Ash. "If I pass this up I may never be able to live with myself."

"But if you go through with this, you may never live at all." Debated Misty.

But it was no use. Ash has made up his mind and went off into the woods. Brock, Misty, and Pikachu later followed with worried looks on their faces.

When they were all went out of sight, there was rustling in the trees and three figures jumped out. This time it was Team Rocket and they were following the four friends and heard everything.

"Did you guys get all that?" Asked Meowth.

"You bet your charm we have." Answered Jessie.

"Ooh this is exciting!" Quipped James. "A mysterious pokemon trainer with mysterious pokemon."

"But what kind of pokemon that were strong enough to manage to defeat that snobbish Gary guy? Jessie asked.

"Maybe they were ultra strong fighting pokemon." James answered.

"Or maybe some powerful psychic pokemon." Added Jessie.

"If you two dim wits quit yapping and follow those brats, we'll never know!" Scolded Meowth as he scratched both Jessie and James's faces.

Both Jessie and James got mad and pounded him into the ground. "How Dare You Did That To My Face!" "Don't You Know Better Then To Mess With Perfection!" Said Jessie and James in unison.

"Alright let get a move on." Said Jessie. "If these mysterious pokemon are more rarer then we believe, maybe we try to capture them and present them to the boss!"

"Maybe he'll give us a promotion and bonuses!" Said James with enthusiasm.

"And I'll be his Top Cat again!" Added Meowth who some how made a miraculous recovery.

"Enough stalling and were off!" Ordered Jessie.

"Right!" Said James and Meowth together and all three of them took off.

Who is this mysterious pokemon trainer that defeated Gary? And what will happen if Ash and his friends meets her. Find out next time in our Pokemon story, "One Enchantica Evening"

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