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Mousse Muad Dib

by Animeiac

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Ranma/Tenchi/Dune/Star Wars crossover. Mousse meets a mysterious stranger who has some information about his father. Warning: Contains anti-Shampoo and anti-Cologne context. I am also looking for a co-author to help me with this fic so if anyone is interested please contact at [email protected]

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Chapter 1, Chapter One: Mystery Customer

Mousse Muad Dib



Co-author by rob


Disclaimer: Ranma ½ is the Ó property of Rumiko Takahashi. Tenchi Muyo-Universe is the Ó property Kajishima Masaki

Dune is the Ó property of Frank Herbert. Star Wars is the Ó property of George Lucas.

Chapter One: Mystery Customer

A cold heavy rain has swept over Nerima. Most of the residents have stayed indoors so they won’t catch a cold. Some of the stores have to close up because the rain prevents them from getting any business. But walking in this heavy down pour is a lone shadowy figure. The stranger appears to be a tall male wearing a dark grey trench coat and whitish blond hair under his black fedora hat. He features seems to be gaijin and he seems to be in his late forties or early fifties. Although he kept his head down to prevent raindrops in his eyes. "So this is where our leader has been for so long." The stranger thought to himself. "Wish our home had this amount of rain." Then the mysterious figure stopped at a certain Chinese noodle restaurant known as the Cat Cafe. "How interesting." The stranger said out loud. "A Chinese restaurant in a Japanese city. These people are more cultural tolerant than we thought. Maybe a bite to eat will do me good then I’ll carry on with my search."

When the stranger entered the Cat Café he was greeted by the restaurant’s two lady owners. A tiny little old woman with big eyes and long white hair. Wearing some kind of Chinese tribal clothing indicating that she is one of elders. Next to her is young Chinese girl in her teens with long lavender color hair and big reddish brown eyes. She is to also wearing Chinese tribal clothing assuming her that she is next in line to be the old woman’s successor.

"Welcome to the Cat Café." The old woman greeted as she and the girl humbly bowed down to him. "I am Cologne and this is my great-granddaughter, Shampoo." She introduced themselves.

"Aiya." Shampoo added, still bowing. "It is pleasure to meet you."

"Why, thank you kindly, ladies." The stranger returned the greeting. "I’m Arwin Stilgard." He introduced himself.

"May Shampoo take your coat and hat so you won’t catch cold, Mr. Stilgard?" Shampoo offered.

"Yes, thank you Ms. Shampoo." Stilgard accepted as he gave her the soaked hat and coat.

"You must cold and hungry from walking in the awful rain." Cologne sympathizes. "Why don’t we give you something to eat so you can rest and warm up." She suggested.

"Thank you Ms. Cologne. That would be very nice indeed." Stilgard agreed.

"I’ll lead you to a table." Cologne replied as she pogo sticked to a nearby table with Stilgard close behind.

The stranger walked slowly looking at the windows and the decorations of the room. Tracking all the movements of the customers that were in the restaurant. Sitting down at the table indicated he tap’s the tea cup on the table top.

"Tea?" He asks looking up at Shampoo.

"Of course kind sir , right away !" Cologne polo’s out of the room while Shampoo hands the stranger a menu.

"What would you like to eat?" Shampoo asks shyly.

The stranger glancing down at the menu , runs his finger along the characters . "Hmmm, Chinese and Japanese characters. I believe that I will have the RAMAN Noodles." The stranger replies.

Balancing the tray on one hand Cologne returns with a green ceramic teapot and cup . As she approaches the table the bouncing jiggling the tray a small drop of liquid on the floor causes her pogo to slip slightly. Grabbing the Pogo stick Cologne regains her balance but watches in dismay as the teapot and tray fall towards the stranger.

But just as the tea was about to land on Stilgard, he quickly manages to captures the teapot at amazing speed. "That was a close one." Stilgard said it with relief. "I hate to see good tea gone to waste." Then he carefully places the teapot on the table.

Both Shampoo and Cologne were amazed about what they have just witnessed. They have never seen anyone moved that fast before. Well at least Shampoo hasn’t. Cologne on the other hand believes she seen something like that before. "Now why did that kind of speed looked familiar?" Cologne thought to herself.

The thunder shook the room and the lights temporarily flickered in and out then went off. From the back came a grunt and a squeal as a pig came racing out of the kitchen. Chasing him was a very strange character indeed. The shadows hid his physical features but the sounds of his grunting as he chased the pig through out the restaurant and around the tables laden with food. The pig veered under a table and the man jumped over the customers murmuring softly to them "sorry ..sorry dinner is getting away"

Stilgard watched in amazement at the acrobatics in the dark, not one plate had tipped over and the gentleman had clearly showed speed and agility in all his movements. For some reason they seemed familiar. Distracted for a second as the pig ran under his chair Stilgard tipped over and started to fall. With a twist of his body he brought his hand down flat against the ground and with a light tap of one finger propelled himself back into a seated position.

Cologne watching all of these antics swore under her breath at the pig. With a hop she joined the chase of the wayward porker and followed the mysterious gentlemen chaser.

"Well this is an extraordinary place." Stilgard chuckled to himself. "But how did that boy get those abilities?" He asked in thought. "Could it be…" But he shook that thought out of his head. "No it can’t be. He’s too young." Then another thought came in. "Unless." Then he turns to Shampoo. "Pardon me Ms. Shampoo, but could you please tell me who that young man was, chasing the little pig?" He questions the young female Amazon.

"Oh that’s just Mousse." Shampoo answered his question. "He’s just stupid blind male Amazon who just works here." She added just plainly.

Stilgard just gave a small frown. He didn’t like the way Shampoo referred to Mousse. "I see." He indicated with a suspicious glint in his eye. "And what about his parents?" He asked her some more. "Do you know them?"

"Shampoo only knows that Mousse only has a mother." Shampoo responded, trying to figure out why this stranger is interested in Mousse.

"And what about his father?" Stilgard perused.

That last question made Shampoo a little unsure. "Um I don’t know who his father is." She replied the best she could. "No body knows if Mousse even has a father."

"Hmm very interesting." Stilgard concluded. "After your friend is finish chasing the little pig. I would like to meet him." He requested.

"Why would you like to meet Mousse?" Shampoo questions the stranger’s motives.

"Because I would like to speak to the boy." Stilgard countered and Shampoo went to get Mousse. "So it seems that our leader had some time on this planet." He told himself in a quite manner. "If that boy is who I think he might be then there’s some hope for our people yet."

Cologne hopped in as the lights returned flickering back and forth for a moment and the distant sounds of thunder drifted off into the distance. Hopping determinely to the table she placed a large bowl of noodles in front of Stilgard. Smiling and with a slight bow Stilgard thanked Cologne for the noodles and started to dig in. Watching the flow of traffic in the room.

Shampoo entered the eating area with a very tussled young man who was glaring up at her because of the hold she had on his left ear. The soft sounds of there quarrel could be heard by Stilgard and he smiled at the young mans attitude.

"But Shampoooo…." Wined Mousse, "What does that old man want with me. I’m not for rent."


Shampoo glanced in Stilgard's direction and whispered to Mousse , " No I have no idea why he wants to see you but he is a customer and you will be courteous with him or else."

"Yes Shampoo.." Mumbled Mousse , hitching up his trousers he followed the young Amazon to the table and quietly looked over the Dark Stranger eating noodles.

Stilgard looked at Mousse with interest. The boy held himself well , his carriage and posture were excellent and his movements were precise and coordinated as if no extra movement was wasted. The sense of a coiled spring was in him.

"Here is Mousse, Mr. Stilgard." Shampoo introduced.

"Thank you Ms. Shampoo." Said Stilgard between sips of the soup. "Hello there, Mousse. I’m Arwin Stilgard. Would you like to have a seat?" He offered Mousse to sit with him.

Mousse was about to decline but Shampoo gave him a menacing scowl and then changed his mind and sit across Stilgard.

"Very well then." Stilgard specified. Then he turned to Shampoo. "I think we’ll be fine, Ms. Shampoo." He told her.

"Okay, I’ll leave you two to get to know each other." Shampoo proclaimed. "You be nice now, Mousse." She reminded the male Amazon and he gave a small nod. Shampoo left Mousse and Stilgard and went back to work.

"It’s very nice to meet you Mr. Stilgard." Said Mousse still not feeling easy about this.

"Please call me, Arwin." Stilgard propose with a welcoming smile.

"Okay, Arwin." Mousse sounding out his name. "What ever I did, I am sorry." He apologized.

"You did nothing wrong, my boy." Stilgard gave a small laugh. "Although that was quite a performance you gave."

"Performance?" Mousse looked puzzled at the stranger eating his Raman.

"Well I only mention it because I noticed that you took great care in making sure you didn’t upset any dish’s and you balanced yourself extremely well."

Mousse blushed , " Well to be honest Sir, if I had broke a dish it would have come from my pay , and Shampoo would have gotten really upset with me."

"I see , and you learned those moves from someone , could I ask you where?" Stilgard queried.

"Learned Sir?" Mousse looked puzzled. "I was just trying to catch Fremin Sir." Mousse smiled , "Shampoo says that if he causes any more of a ruckus she’s gonna cook him." Mousse glares over at the tall Amazon standing at the kitchen door surveying the room.

Shampoo looks over at the two and smiles slightly , giving Stilgard a nod.

"I see ." Stilgard looks suspiciously at Mousse. "Well what else can you do, young Mousse?"

"Well I practice the martial arts of Hidden Weapons." Mousse answered proudly.

"My that is extraordinary." Stilgard complimented. "I bet your parents are very proud."

"Well actually I only have a mother." Mousse admitted shyly. "She is also the one who trained me."

"Your mother?" Stilgard repeated confusingly. "I have no doubt that she did trained you, but what about your father."

"I.. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a father." Mousse confessed sadly. "My mother never mentions about him to me."

"But surely she must’ve given you some ideas who your father is." Stilgard inquired. Trying to get more answers from Mousse.

"The only clue I have is this." Mousse proclaimed as he pulled something from his sleeve. It was a small gold ring with pyramid shaped diamond on top.

Stilgard took a good look at the ring and realized what it is. "By the Gods." Stilgard thought to himself. "It’s the Atreides Signet Ring" The he looks at Mousse. "Where did you get this ring?" He queried.

"My mother gave it to me." Mousse answered him simply. "She said that it belonged to my father and told me to take it with me when I came to Japan." Then he gazes at the ring. "I’ve been saving as an engagement ring when I propose to Shampoo." He puts the ring back into his sleeve.

"Mind if I asked you a favor?" Stilgard requested to Mousse.

"What kind of favor, Arwin?" Mousse questioned his motives.

"I would want to speak to your mother." Stilgard admitted.

"My mother?" Mousse repeated, still not sure about all this.

"Yes, If she told you that the ring was your father’s then maybe she can tell us a little more about him." Stilgard declared.

"I really would like to help you, Mr. Stilgard." Mousse replied. "But she lives back home in China."

"Then let’s go." Stilgard suggested.

"You mean like now?" Mousse assumed but still doesn’t know why.

"Yes, there’s not time like the present." Stilgard acknowledge. "The sooner we leave the soon we will learn about your father." He persuades the young male Amazon. "So what do you say, would please let me talk to your mother?"

Mousse is thinking this over. This was all too sudden. He never thought about even looking for his father. Although he is sometimes curious about whom his father was or what he was like. Then he looks at Stilgard and gave him his answer. "Okay, I’ll go ask Elder Cologne for her permission and we’ll go talk to my mother about this."

"Splendid!" Stilgard was pleased with Mousse’s answer. "I’ll help you convince her to give you some time off." He left a tip on the table and he and Mousse headed towards Cologne’s kitchen.

"WHAT!!!!" Cologne bellowed out , as Mousse asked her quietly. "CHINA! Out of the question. We have an entire acrobat troupe coming in the morning and they are staying a week. I need the sauna’s scrubbed , the beds maid….."

Arwin watched the commotion build and slowly rose from his table. He walked over to where Cologne was hopping and raised a finger to ask for permission to but into the conversation.

"And YOU!" Cologne turned to Arwin Stilgard and glared, "What gives you the idea that you can put such fancies into the boys head, I have a business to run . I can’t just let my employee’s gallivant all over heavens creation on a whim. I would go out of business . It’s completely preposterous." Arwin let Cologne rant for a few minutes , nodding and answering uh huh . to all of her comments till she calmed down and just stood there glaring.

"Well what do YOU have to say for yourself Mr. ..Mr… um.. "

"Stilgard Ma’am Arwin Stilgard."

"Well Mr. Arwin Stilgard child thief , what would you do with our poor mousse and why would you want to drag him back to that god forsaken little hell hole he grew up in."

Arwin grinned at Cologne and motioned for her to come away from the group that had gathered. The stood whispering at each other in the corner and the only things anyone heard were ….


"Dear but…."

"I can’t afford to …"

Arwin put his hand in his robe and pulled out a small pouch of coins and placed them into Colognes hand . They clinked loudly and with a small grin Cologne hefted the weighty bag and put it away. " I could possible let him have some vacation. But I want your marker Mr. Stilgard so that I know you will return him in good faith."

Arwin grimaced. The marker she referred to was an identification tablet that he would need if he were ever challenged to identify himself to a local official.

"I only have one Ma’am , we will have to go to the Magistrate and request a copy."

"done then . We will go see the magistrate tomorrow, your not in THAT much of a hurry are you Mr Stilgard?"

"As the matter of a fact, Madam, we are." Stated Stilgard holding his ground. "We must go to China immediately."

"But what about my…" Cologne was about to debate but she was cut off by Stilgard.

"You will let the boy and I go to China so we can speak to his mother now." Stilgard demanded with a deep echo like voice, which caused Cologne to be paralyzed by hearing it.

Mousse stood there in amazement. "No one has ever made the old ghoul do that before." He thought to himself then looked at Stilgard. "I wonder how he did that."

"I’m so glad you’re beginning to understand." Stilgard told the stiff Cologne. Then he turns to Mousse. "You better start packing your things boy."

"But what about Elder Cologne?" Mousse asked with some concern.

"Ah, don’t worry, she’ll be just fine." Stilgard reassure the near-sighted Amazon. "Just be sure to hurry so we can leave."

Mousse took Stilgard’s word and went up stairs to pack.

The train to the port was crowded with strangers , more people than Mousse had ever remembered seeing in one place. There was an elderly couple chatting together , dressed for a wedding or party . There was a very beautiful girl sitting alone reading from a magazine , and the one thing Mousse noticed most was the group of 4 teenagers staring at her. They didn’t seem to be treating her very well and she looked quite upset , reading as if to pretend that the guys weren’t there. Stilgard stowed the luggage in an overhead wrack and sat with the thump as the train began forward with a mighty lurch. Mousse could hear the teenagers raucous voices raised over the sounds of the train.

"Hey … hey .. Yo ..miss ," The tallest one being around 6 feet and very well muscled leaned closer to the pretty girl , turning to his friends he was obviously showing off. This made the girl blush very deeply. "You see Marcus , she can hear me. She has been playing deaf since Kyoto and I do believe I will finally get an answer to whether she will grace me with a date ."

The smallest boy giggled , "You de man! Joey…You De man!"

"Please leave her alone!" A hand rested on Joey’s arm, it was a small hand, one graced with a ring of deep gold, with a set of diamonds resembling a pyramid.

Stilgard turned from his magazine with a start and realized that Mousse wasn’t sitting next to him. Looking up he noticed for the first time the 4 teenagers and the pretty girl. Frowning he saw Mousse put his hand on the biggest guy’s arm and say something. "Boy, please don’t do anything foolish!" He thought to Mousse while watching this little event unfold.

"What’cha say ya little punk?" The tallest delinquent demanded as he brushed Mousse’s hand off and giving him a dirty look.

"Yeah, who do ya think you are?" Added the smallest delinquent.

"I said…" Mousse began to answer, then something deep down started in him. "…leave the girl alone." He finished with the same echoy voice that Stilgard used on Cologne back at the Cat Café.

"Well I’ll be." Stilgard thought in amazement. "The boy is learning how to use the voice."

The other four teenage boys are freaked out by Mousse’s voice. "Man, who is this guy?" Asked the second tallest boy.

"I don’t know but he’s creeping me out." Replied the third tallest boy.

"Now you and your friends kindly find another place to sit and try not to bother the other passengers." Mousse ordered using the voice.

Even before the echo’s of his voice could reach the other passengers the four troublesome teenagers about faced and started to march down the aisle, a look of puzzlement on one of there faces.. "Why we doin what he said?"

"Shut up!" said the older one as they walked into another car.

"They won’t bother you again miss." Exclaimed Mousse. Who not waiting for the reply about faced and headed back to sit by Stilgard. "I see what you mean about having to get out before sensei returned from the kitchen. It doesn’t last long does it?" Questioned Mousse , smiling up to Stilgard.

"No , but for you to do it after only seeing it done once proves something to me finally." Stilgard turned to his magazine and watched out of the side of his eyes as Mousse nodded.

"You aren’t going to tell me just yet are you?" Mousse queried.

"Let’s wait till we see your mother in China before I confirm or deny anything. I always believe in being thorough."

The hours passed slowly as the throb of the train lulled most of the passengers to sleep. Stilgard pretending to nap kept an eye on Mousse who sat quietly watching the girl read.. A small smile played across his lips occasionally. Then after deciding something inside himself Mousse stood up and re-approached the girl.

"Hi!" he smiled, " My name is Mousse I’m dreadfully sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier I just assumed since you were so uncomfortable with those bullies around that you didn’t want to speak to anyone. I can understand that."

"Oh that’s quite alright." The girl accepted his apology. "I didn’t get a chance to say thank you for telling those boys off." She added. "My name is Ayeka." The girl introduced herself.

The name grabbed Stilgard’s attention. "Did she say ‘Ayeka’?" He quietly asked himself so that no body will hear him. "She couldn’t be Princess Ayeka from Juri." Then he silently listens in on their conversation.

Mousse couldn’t help but admire this girl. She has long deep purple hair that is tied in a loose ponytail. Soft reddish brown eyes. Light cream colored skin and she was dressed in somewhat a traditional Japanese kimono. For some reason, Ayeka sort of remind him of Shampoo, except he senses that she is a lot nicer than she appears.

"So where are you heading Ms. Ayeka?" Mousse asked politely.

"Please, call me Ayeka." Ayeka insisted. "I’m going to Hong Kong, China to meet up with some friends of mine." She told him.

"Really?" Mousse seems impressed. "I’m going to China too." He mentioned.

"Oh my, what a small world we live in." Ayeka and Mousse have a small laugh at that.

"Yes, my mother lives there and Mr. Stilgard and I are going to see her." He admitted as he motions to Stilgard who is still pretending to sleep.

"Is there a reason why you and your friend are going to see your mother?" She asked quite curiously.

"Well yes." Mousse blushed slightly. "We are going to see if she knows anything about my father." He confessed.

"Your father?" Ayeka repeated.

"Yes, you see I don’t know who he is nor what he was like." Mousse proclaimed.

"I guess it’s must be hard not know who your father is." Ayeka acknowledge with some sympathy.

"Well the only clue I have about him is this ring" Mousse shows her the ring on his finger.

"That is a lovely ring." Ayeka complimented. "And that’s the only lead you have of your father?"

"I’m afraid that it is." Mousse affirmed. "But that’s why Mr. Stilgard and I need to see my mother." He declared. "Maybe she can tell us more about my father or at least the story behind this ring." Then he gets up and started headed back to his seat next to Stilgard. "Well I got to get back to my seat before Mr. Stilgard wakes up."

"Yes, it is getting late." Ayeka concluded. "It is nice meeting you, Mousse."

"It’s nice meeting you too." Mousse replied with a bow.

"I hope you’ll find your father." Ayeka wished him well.

"And I hope you’ll meet up with your friends okay." He returned and went back to his seat.

Stilgard had been listening the whole conversation and a small smile appeared on his face. "Well it looks like the House of Atreides might be getting some new allies from Juri." He quietly chuckled to himself as Mousse returned to his seat next to him and this time, the two of them went to sleep for real.

What will happen when Mousse and Stilgard come to Mousse’s village in China when they go to see his mother? And who was Mousse’s father and what really happened to him? And what secret does Mousse have that not even he knows about? These questions will be answered in our next chapter of "Mousse Muad Dib"

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