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by Brethesen

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Yarr! Memories of Planescape Torment mixed up with some sort of depression is a mix in this lil poem of mine.

Burning on the celestial fires,
Thousand flames melt's the skin,
Fragile flesh,
And soul...
I scream on the plane of suffering,
My flesh like liquid,
Falling off my body,
Yet it is replaced with new flesh,
After it has fallen.

I scream from pain,
From agony,
From torment...
For thing's i didn't do,
For horrible act's i didn't commit,
But gates to Paradise has been welded shut,
And the Hell is on the face of the world.

I hover in the air,
On a hilltop,
Below me the armies of Hell,
Ready to conquer Earth,
I look down into them,
As burning pain fill my mind and my soul,
Through yellow and red flames i can see,
My eternal damnation.

Now under the red sky,
I scream from agony...

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