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I would take a bullet for you.

by deadeye171988

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a poem about a cop that save's the love of his life from a netorious gang. I made it up because i was board

I rose from my bed. Took some pills for my head. Thought about her. Had to get her back. Loaded my 45. Headed towards the beach. Heared a screach. Took the saftey off. Fired two rounds. Two men hit the ground. Got to find her. She's near. Two men fled. But they still met the led. Aimed at one man's head. He ended up dead. Saw a spray of blood. started a flood. I found her. But she was still in danger. There he was. The king pin. With a evil grin. I went above the law and challenged him to a draw. We stand back to back. Walk 10 steps. turned and fired. Both of us went down. Your safe now my love. Grow wings and fly far away like a Dove. Im dying my love. Please go far away from this place. Where you will be safe. Life started to become a blur. I started to miss her. Go my love. Go.

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