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A dreamer's lie

by tainted shadow

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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Well, this is pretty self explanatory. I think you guys can figure it out. I haven’t submitted anything in a long time… and I was board and this just kinda came out . Enjoy ^_^

How can this dream fall away
You told me it could stay this way
Locked up tight with all the lies
You folded up the hate inside
Hid it from my tender eyes
Told me it was just a dream
to keep me in oblivion

I thought you were being true to me
But I guess that’s not the case
I thought you could make my dreams come true
But now you’re hard to face

I hope and pray that you’ll leave today
So I can forget this dream
The dream of living peacefully
Before I’m cast aside
The dreams you filled within my mind
That all turned into lies
The dreams I put on top of shelves
Forgetting they were dread
Forgetting you didn’t care
They were everything you said

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