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tears tell the truth

by deadeye171988

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this a poem of how i feel about a girl named mallory

  • I've had strong feelings for you for quite some time.
  • Tell me, is that a crime.
  • I wish i could hold you in my arms.
  • And let you know you are safe from Harm.
  • Looking at you beautiful face.
  • Takes me to a wonderful place.
  • My dreams  tell me you care.
  • My reallity is my only fear.
  • Losing Your friendship is a burden i cant bare.
  • It would put my emotions in great despair.
  • If only you realized.
  • If only you would give it a shot.
  • I was never given that chance before.
  • But when I met you. You gave me hope.
  • So please dont say nope.
  • Take as much time as you need to think.
  • When ever you need me.Ill be there in a Blink.

This is why I shed my tears. If only you knew how I felt, Knowing that no matter how hard i try to show you that im in love with you, you will  most likely not give me that one chance that i have longed to obtain for God knows how long. Sometimes i ask myself,

  • Am I getting through to her.
  • Do i need to chill out.
  • Am I stressing her out.
  • Am I scearing her.
  • Am I taking this to seriously.
  • Does she have feelings for me.
  • Am i going insane.

Please if im annoying you. Im sorry. Im very emotional. I have to be straight up. If im upsetting you. Tell me .

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