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DBZ: Universive Dreaming

by DMajorBoss

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In the early episodes of DragonBall Z, Nappa and Vegeta spent quite some time in space in order to get to Earth. Who knows what dreams they could have had; well, this is one idea...

Within the vastness of space, two Saiya-jin warriors silently traveled to the planet Earth.  One of the warriors was known as Vegeta, the Prince of Saiya-jins and strongest warrior within his race.  The other warrior was known as Nappa, an elite Saiya-jin guard who spent his whole life at Vegeta’s side.  Their journey was one fueled upon the hope that their grandest of desires would be given to them; and all they had to do was find out the secrets behind the mythical objects known as Dragon Balls.




The silence had by them was due to their peaceful rest within their respective space pods.  With nothing better to do than to sleep and conserve energy, their bodies would be motionless as they shot through space to their eventual destination.

But their minds, on the other hand, would be busy with the thoughts and dreams of their eventual success when they finally reach the planet.  Each warrior had his own desire that he felt he’d soon achieve and, within their minds, they were able to experience the bliss that would come from wishes soon to be granted.




As the elite guard slept within his space pod, Nappa dreamt of a world in which he was in control.

*enter Nappa’s dream*

I Wish To Be The Most Powerful Being In The Universe.

Such a sentence could have been said by just about anyone, and it would have been done so without a thought of actually having the dream come true.

But it wasn’t just anyone who uttered these words.

It was Nappa, the Elite Saiya-jin Guard.

And his wish…was granted.

Atop a mountain of corpses, sitting upon a throne of skulls, Nappa sat proudly, a goblet filled with red liquid resting in his right hand. He lifts the container and slowly sips the concoction held within.

Nappa: “Ah, the blood of my victims; so deliciously sweet…and refreshing.”

At the bottom of the morbid mound were three of the beings who had caused Nappa nothing but grief throughout his life: Zarbon, Dodoria, and Frieza. Each villain cowered upon their knees, quivering with fear as they looked up to Nappa.

Zarbon: “Oh, benevolent Nappa; please spare our lives. We have never meant for there to be any real harm in the things that we said about you.”

Dodoria: “Yeah, it was all for fun; no hard feelings, right?”

Nappa looked down upon them, a grin formed upon the face of the Elite Guard.

Nappa: “I may not be the brightest Saiya-jin in existence, but even I know when I’m being handed a crock of s#!t. I really don’t see any reason as to why any of you should live.”

Frieza: *with tears forming in his eyes* “Please, Nappa, spare us; we’ll do ANYTHING if you allow us to live.”

With this, the grin upon Nappa’s face grew into a smile.

Nappa: “Anything?”

Zarbon, Dodoria, and Frieza: *simultaneously* “YES, ANYTHING!”

Nappa: “Good...”

After saying this, Nappa crushed the goblet in his hands. As the blood he was drinking dripped from his clenched fist, the energy that he held within him started making his entire hand crackle and glow with a crimson hue.

Nappa: “...tell all of the Saiya-jins that you slaughtered that I give them YOUR asses as a form of reparation for the deeds that you’ve done!”

With that, Nappa raised just two of his fingers; the moment that he did this action, the surrounding area shook violently before a massive amount of energy came forth from the ground. The three tyrannical aliens screamed in both horror and agony as the attacking energy engulfed them and, in mere moments, there was silence again.




Nappa viewed their demise with pleasure, the smile on his face being accompanied by a slight chuckle; then, curiosity overcame him as he viewed a silhouette standing in the same spot that the three antagonists once stood. In only a moment, he soon realized as to whom which the figure belonged.

Nappa: “Vegeta.”

Vegeta: “Nappa, you have been by my side since I was but a child, always there to keep watch over me. Now, you have managed to destroy the very beings that we’ve grown to dislike over these years. For that, I…WE, the entire Saiya-jin race, are in your debt. Therefore, I feel that it only right that you be known as the one who leads our magnificent race...”

With this said, Vegeta lowered himself so that he was on one knee, and then he respectfully knelt down.

Vegeta: “I declare that, from this day forth, YOU are to hold the royal title that I was once to be given; from this day forth, you shall be known as Nappa, The King Of All Saiya-jins.”

Nappa looks down upon the kneeling Vegeta and smiles, giving another slight chuckle. The chuckle then turned into maniacal laughter as Nappa took in the entirety of what was given to him. After many years of service and a wish that he desired, Nappa was now the ruler of a proud race of Saiya-jin Warriors.

*exit Nappa’s dream*

Nappa gave a slight smirk within his sleep as he and Vegeta continued their journey through space.  Vegeta also dreamt of gaining great power, but his thoughts were a bit more sinister than that of his loyal guard.  His dreams would revolve around the capture of a power that would make him the reigning force within the entire universe.

*enter Vegeta’s dream*

All around him lay the bodies of everyone who stood in his way during his search for the Dragon Balls. Among the multiple corpses that litter the land were those of the Z Warriors, the traitorous Raditz, and even his faithful servant Nappa; why should he, the Prince of All Saiya-jins, have to share such power with those who were lesser than him?

Vegeta: *holding all 7 of the Dragon Balls* “I have laid waste to all that would oppose me, and yet I know that it isn’t enough if I am to take control of anything that comes against me…”

He then lets go of all of the Dragon Balls and, with the balls glowing and pulsating, he uses his Ki energy to have the balls float and circle around him.

Vegeta: “…so, for this reason, I call forth a wish from the orbs around me: GRANT ME THE POWER IF IMMORTALITY!”

And, after yelling forth his wish to the glowing spheres about him, a bright light suddenly appeared from each Dragon Ball and started to circle faster around him. The circle then started to become smaller and smaller until, in a blinding flash, the Dragon Balls emitted an incredible wave of energy that engulfed Vegeta. As the power of the Dragon Balls started to become one with the Saiya-jin Prince, the land around him began to quake and tremble. Then, after a gigantic explosion of power, everything grew silent again.

The only sound that could be heard was the crackling of energy that surrounded Vegeta as his Ki energy pulsated insanely. His eyes, which he had closed when the energy first started to enter him, opened slowly and beheld the awesomeness that he had become. His physical appearance had grown to make him look more muscular, he could feel the energy swelling up inside of him and, for the first time in a great while, a feeling of invulnerability swept over him.




Vegeta: “I…I can’t believe it…it has finally happened…I…I…”

A smile came across his face as he clinched his fists.

Vegeta: “I…AM…IMMORTAL!”

He powered up in an immense burst, sending all of the bodies of his victims scattering all over until he stood alone on one single spot.

Vegeta: “No more do I have to worry about being defeated! No more do I have to fear that alien tyrant! Now, I shall become a force that the universe has never before seen!”

In one humungous burst of energy, he shot forth from the ground and started to shoot up into the atmosphere; then, in a second burst of energy, he started to fly into the outer atmosphere and into space.

The two blasts of energy came back upon the planet and ripped through to the core of the planet. He stopped momentarily and looked back on the cracking planet and, with one single look to the planet, sent out a third pulse of energy that caused both the planet and it’s moon to collide with each other. This final act sealed the fate of the two gigantic spheres as they both began to tremble violently until, finally, the planet exploded in a titanic burst of light.

Vegeta: “HA! With my new power, and my eternal life, NO ONE SHALL BE ABLE TO DEFEAT ME!”

He then turned again and started to fly though space at an incredible speed.

Vegeta: “Frieza! You have made my life a living Hell! The ONLY way for you to know what I’ve been through is to send you there MYSELF!”






In a different part of the universe






Frieza sat comfortably in his chair, looking over the vastness of space as he sipped upon a glass of red wine. Even though he had a planet that held his main base of operations, he still preferred to be on his ship, just incase he needed to travel at a moment’s notice.

Frieza: “Ah, to be the one being within the universe that holds more power than any of my soldiers could ever imagine.”

He stopped a moment, taking another sip of his drink, before continuing.

Frieza: “Heheheh, I love being the most powerful person in the universe.”

Suddenly, a monstrous sound was heard from the ship, followed by violent shaking. Frieza looked around, suddenly, wondering as to what had caused this disturbance. A bright flash suddenly lit the room, and then died down to a flickering glow. He took another look outside, thinking that the problem may have been coming from another source.

Frieza: “What is going on here?!?”

His shocked expression came from the image that he had just seen: on the planet below him, his main base of operations was now a wreckage engulfed in flames.

Frieza: “Who is doing all of this?”

He pushed a button on his console that activated the intercom system within the ship.

Frieza: “Dodoria! Zarbon! What is happening out there?”

“I don’t think you should be worrying about them at the moment…”

Frieza turned as he heard this voice, seeing Vegeta stand before him.

Vegeta: “…but don’t worry, you can talk to them afterwards, after I’ve sent you to Hell.”

Frieza: “You! You did all of this?!? That is impossible; you’re nothing but a mere monkey! You’re too weak to have done all of this!”

Vegeta: “I may have been weak once before, but now I have obtained my ultimate desire. I have reached for the Holy Grail, and I drank from it Immortality itself; and now that my thirst for power has been quenched, I shall feed upon the joy of your demise!”

Frieza: “Heh, touching speech, Vegeta; still, even the most ignorant of apes can learn a new trick with the proper persuasion…”

Frieza then shot forth a beam of energy directly at Vegeta, which hit him directly and exploded on impact. A grin then appeared on Frieza’s face.

Frieza: “…and I’ve had just about enough of your little games. Tell your race that Frieza sends his regards.”




The grin that was on Frieza’s face slowly turned into a look of horror as, when the smoke cleared, Vegeta continued to stand before him, unharmed from the blast.

Vegeta: “It’s considerate of you to keep them in mind throughout all that you have done…”

As Vegeta spoke, he brought his hands together and at his side, a purple haze of energy forming from his palms.

Vegeta: “…I’m sure that they’ll be glad to hear you tell them in person, because your time ends NOW!”

With that, Vegeta brought forth his hands and aimed at Frieza.

Vegeta: “GALIC GUN, FIRE!”

In that instant, Vegeta released his blast directly at Frieza, making direct contact with the alien tyrant. The blast, however, kept going, carrying Frieza through is own ship, and down towards the burning base below. Even after Frieza hit the planet, however, the energy kept coming, pushing him down through the base, through the planet’s outer layers, down into the core of the planet itself.

And, throughout all of this, Frieza was never silent.


And, despite the distance between the two, Frieza could hear Vegeta say one more thing…one last thing before he was ultimately finished.

Vegeta: “DON’T call it ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, call it ‘VENGEANCE’!”

Vegeta then gave one more push of energy into his blast, causing the planet itself to rip apart and quake under the power. Then, as the remains of the alien tyrant began to disintegrate from the Galic Gun attack, the planet itself exploded, showering its violent light throughout the regions of space around it.

As Vegeta ended his attack, he looked upon the wreckage that was once a planet, a stern look upon his face. It was then that he heard a voice speak to him.

King Vegeta: “Well done, my son; you have avenged the Saiya-jin race, and have brought forth peace to the souls of the people that tyrant destroyed. I knew that you would one day reach greatness; and so, for this, I now pass my title on to you. YOU are now Vegeta, the King of Saiya-jins; hold the title proudly, my son, for NO force shall be greater than you.”

With this said, Vegeta gave a slight chuckle, followed by a monstrous cackle that echoed around him. He had truly gained his rightful place among his people; and, with his newfound power, there would be no one to stand in his way.

*exit Vegeta’s dream*

Even within his sleep, a slight chuckle could be heard from the grinning Saiya-jin Prince. And, with both warriors having experience blissfulness within their minds, they continued to rest as they continued upon their journey to make their greatest wishes come true.


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