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Infinite Suffering

by bloodysmurf

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A poem I had to do for a class that I really got into. It got deep and kinda dark, and you dont really expect the character its talking about.

Illuminated in darkness,
night setting thickly
Speckling lights flicker and dance,
twirling around him
Suspended in the galaxy by an invisible string,
stuck for the rest of his time
Always smiling,
his eyes never ceasing to shine
He's secretly weeping,
silently dying
Loneliness chimes,
humming through his being
He howls an echoing scream,
his cry goes unheard
He's longing to disappear;
vanish into thin air
But eternally trapped in his unforgiving prison
His heart is shattered,
soul is withering
He's whipped and tortured,
painfully stricken
His never ending story,
a tale for all
Doomed to forever sing his tormented tune
To rot,
to suffer,
to live on in misery
Thus is the fate of the man-on-the-moon

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