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Ducky Boy

by Animeiac

Libraries: Angst, Drama, Humor, Ranma ½, Romance, Song Fic

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Mousse leaves Nerima for training so that he can finally defeat Ranma. The he comes back with a surprise for everyone. Warning contains ant-Shampoo context.

Ducky Boy




Disclaimer: Mousse, Shampoo, and all the characters of Ranma ½ are the © properties of Rumiko Takahashi. Any other characters that I’ve made up are the © properties of me. "S8ter Boi" is the © property of Avril Lavigne. The parodied version is the © property of me. Ray Band sunglasses are the © properties of Ray Band.


He was a boy; she was a girl
Can I make it anymore obvious? He turns into a duck; she turns into a cat

What more can I say than that?


The day at the Cat Café started out as usual. Customers come in to eat. Shampoo was serving the customers. Cologne was busy cooking in the kitchen. And Mousse was clearing up tables.

He wanted her; she'd never wanted him.


And of course as usual, Mousse tries to ask Shampoo out on a date and she turns him down. "Please Shampoo? Just one date. That’s I’m asking." Mousse pleaded down on his knees.

Because their tribe has some stupid law
she must wed an outside male who defeated her

And to me that is a flaw.


"Shampoo don’t want to go out with stupid duck boy because he can never defeat Airen." Shampoo answered harshly, leaving poor sweet Mousse alone and heart broken.

He was a ducky boy, she said see ya later boy
he wasn't good enough for her
She had a pretty face, but her head was up in space
she needed to come back down to earth.



When is it about closing time, Mousse was coming down stairs with a duffel bag. "And where just where do you think you’re going?" Cologne asked, sitting on her walking stick.

"I’ll be going away for a while to do some more training." Mousse answered matter of factly.

"Why don’t you just give it up, Mousse." Cologne suggested to the near sighted Chinese boy. "You can never defeat son-law."

"I don’t care!" Mousse countered. "I’ll do what ever it takes to defeat Ranma even if it kills me." And with that picked up his duffel bag and left. "Please tell Shampoo I said Good-bye." And that was the last he was heard of him.

Just then, Shampoo enters the scene. "Now where is Mousse going this time, Great Grandmother." She asked, not really caring.

"Oh just going to think of more ways to defeat Ranma." Cologne replied.

"Mousse can never defeat Ranma." Shampoo stated. "He is strong and Mousse is weak."

"Well he’s going to be gone for a while." Cologne decided to use this advantage. "So this will give plenty of time to try to get son-in-law."

"Aiyaa! And this time Mousse won’t be able to stop us." Said Shampoo excitedly and the two remaining Amazons went back to their business.

Five months from now, Since Mousse left home
Shampoo sits in the Cat Cafe
she's all alone


Everything has been quiet since Mousse left the Cat Café. He hasn’t written, he hasn’t called, and Shampoo didn’t even bother to try to win Ranma. She was starting to miss him. "What is Shampoo thinking?" She asked herself when she shook her head. "Shampoo no care for stupid duck boy Mousse."

She turns on TV
guess who she sees
Ducky boy rockin' up MTV. She calls up her friends, they already know
and they've all got tickets to see his show


Shampoo arrived at the concert along with Ranma, Akane, Ryoga, Ukyo, Kuno, Kodachi, and Nabiki. Normally it would be dangerous to have time in the same place rather than to have them in the same town. But it’s much to crowded to have a battle here so they decided to have a temporary truce.

Just as soon as the concert begins to start, out comes the most gorgeous male artist ever walked on stage. He has long black hair with bangs below his eyebrows. Very well built and sculpted muscles. He has two tribal tattoos on each of the muscular fore arms, a pair of golden hoop earrings on each ear, and a gold chain necklace. And he is wearing a tight black muscle shirt with matching tight-ass jeans and steel-toed boots, a pair of black fingerless gloves, and a pair of Ray Band sunglasses.

Millions of female audience members are screeching excitedly with hearts in their eyes when they saw this beautiful male guitarist.

"He’s beautiful!" Shouted one excited female audience member.

"What a hunk!" Called out another.

But of course some certain members of the audience know who this mysterious musician is. "Man I still can’t believe that it’s really him." Said Ranma among the screaming crowd.

"Yeah, I’ve wonder what he’s been up to lately." Replied Ryoga.

"Mousse." Shampoo whispered quietly with a small tear as she looks at her former admirer on the stage.

At that moment, Mousse pulls out his black lead guitar and starts to jam on it and the crowd goes wild.

She tags along and stands in the crowd
looks up at the man that she turned down. He was a ducky boy, she said see ya later boy
he wasn't good enough for her
now he's a super star
slamin' on his guitar
does your pretty face see what he's worth?



Just when everyone in the audience thought they have seen everything, out comes a cute and pretty American girl about 16 years old with medium long blonde hair and pink bangs. A petite but well developed body, sparkling green eyes and small lips. Feminine tribal tattoos on each of her fore arms and one surrounding her belly button. A pair of golden hoop earrings on each ear and a pink Rhine stone choker with a heart pendant. Wearing a pink half shirt that says 'I love shy boys' on the front with a pair of flare blue jeans, blue bangle bracelets, five rings on each hand, and a pair of black boots. She walks up to Mousse and sings along with him.

"I wonder who she is." Said Ukyo still curious about the girl that Mousse is singing with.

"Hey, that’s my cousin up there!" Ranma indicated while grooving to the music.

"No way! She’s your cousin?" Akane asked still finding it hard to believe.

"Sure!" Ranma confirmed. "Her name is Nicki and she lives in Los Angeles, California."

"But what she’s doing here with Mousse." Ryoga questioned.

"Beats me." Ranma answered casually. "Mousse probably went to America for his training and they must’ve met somewhere."

There’s seem to be a hint of jealousy in Shampoo’s eyes when she that girl on stage with Mousse.

"Is it just me or does Shampoo seems to be a little jealous." Nabiki assumed as she took a quick glance at the slightly fuming Amazon girl.

"Yeah right." Ranma responded with usual carefree manner. "Like Shampoo could ever get jealous of Mousse with another girl."

But at the moment during in the middle of the song. The girl kissed Mousse fully on the lips and to everyone surprised Mousse kissed her back. Everyone in the audience cheered even louder.

Shampoo’s battle aura glows violently bright when she saw this and lets out her tribe’s battle cry and the concert suddenly stops.

"Shampoo? Are you feeling okay?" Akane asked with some concern.

Shampoo just completely ignored her question and pulls out her sword and bonbori from her back. Where she put them I have know idea.

"No Shampoo! There are too many innocent people here!" Ranma tried to reason with her thinking she might listen to him. But alas it was no use. Not even Ranma can reach her and Shampoo starts charging at Mousse and the girl he was kissing.

Just as Shampoo was about to strike them, she felt a hard kick on her stomach that stopped her in mid air. Shampoo, still in pain, got a good look at the one who dared kicked her like that it turns out to be Mousse and Ranma’s cousin Nicki with their legs extended out and their feet on her stomach and an angry look on their eyes. Then they slowly removed their feet and let Shampoo fall on to the floor clutching onto her stomach with tears flowing from her eyes.

Everyone gasped after what they had just saw.

"Did I forgot to mention that her dad used to be a U.S. Navel officer?" Ranma pointed out and everyone else face fault.

Shampoo can not believe what had just happen to her. Mousse, the boy who she used to reject him every time he asked her out, has just hurt her with a single kick with a girl who is not as strong as herself. Mousse couldn’t even defeat Ranma but their kick manages to knock the air out of her.

Then she slowly looks up at them with their arms around each other. They are still mad her for interrupting their concert.

"But why Mousse?" Shampoo asked weakly. "Why you hurt Shampoo liked that?"

Because not only that you try to ruin our concert, but you were trying to kill the woman that I love." Mousse answered with a cold stern in his voice.

Shampoo was shocked when she heard that. "What Mousse mean by that?" She questioned him not believe what he is saying. "I am woman you love!" He pointed out for him.

"No you’re not, Shampoo." Mousse indicated. "She is." He pulls Nicki in closer and she removed his sunglasses to reveal his beautiful teal colored eyes and they looked at each other with love.

Then he turns back to Shampoo and went back to that cold stare he was giving her.

"Meet Nicki Randelson." He introduces her to Shampoo with the same cold eye stare.

"So you’re the one who was being mean to Moussey." Nicki presumed with a smirk.

"Yo Nicki!" Ranma called out from the audience.

"Ranma! How are you cuz?!" Nicki turned to the audience and answered back.

"Excellent! And you?" Ranma returned with a question.

"Great! Thanks for asking." Nicki responded.

"Cool and congratulation to you and Mousse." Ranma replied.

"Aw thank you. That’s so sweet." Nicki concluded.

"Um Ranma, now is not the time for a family reunion." Akane reminded him

"Oh okay." Ranma agreed with a sigh. "See ya after the show!" He called back to his cousin.

"Okay we’ll meet ya later." Nicki finished and went back to Shampoo.


Shampoo was raging mad and somehow managed to make a quick recovery.

"YOU STOLE MOUSSE FROM SHAMPOO!!" Shampoo accused Nicki with a look of a thousand deaths.

"I did not!" Nicki defended. "You never wanted him in the first place!"

"Shampoo don’t care!" Shampoo retaliates. "All males are Amazon properties!"

"Not anymore, Shampoo!" Mousse counter in. "I’m a free man now and I’ll be with who ever I want and I want to be with Nicki."

That last remark send Shampoo over the edge and she starts to attack again.

Sorry girl but you missed out
well tuff luck that boy’s mine now


But Mousse and Nicki simply booted Shampoo off the stage since they believed that she was still a little bit weak after that last attack.

We are more than just good friends
this is how the story ends


Everyone else moved out of the way and Shampoo landed on the ground hard. The next thing, two security guards picked up the fallen Shampoo and carried her out of the audience and the concert went back on.

"Well it was about to happen sooner or later." Nabiki verified.

"Yeah I always knew that Mousse will find someone better than Shampoo." Ryoga contemplated.

"Even though Mousse and I aren’t the best of friends, I’m glad that he and my cousin are dating." Ranma added.

"I almost feel sorry for Shampoo." Ukyo continued.

"At least she’ll finally learned how Mousse feels after the way she used to treat him." Akane finished and they went back enjoying the concert.

Too bad that you couldn't see
see the man that boy could be


Mousse kept on rockin’ with guitar and Nicki keeps on singing. The two of went into perfect sync.

There is more that meets the eye
I see the soul that is inside


The two of them got even closer as Nicki wraps her arms around Mousse.

He's just a boy, and I’m just a girl
can I make it anymore obvious?


They looked into each other’s eyes and they both feel like they are the only people in the world.

We are in love, haven't you heard
how we rock eachothers world


Mousse and Nicki kissed each other again and the crowd went wild.

I'm with the ducky boy, I said see ya later boy
I’ll be back stage after the show
I’ll be at a studio
singing the song we wrote
about a girl you used to know



But as for Shampoo, she was tossed out of the concert and landed into a puddle and turned her into a cat. She shook herself dry and turned around to look back at the concert that she was thrown out. Then she sees a concert poster with Mousse’s image on it. Tears came out of her eyes. She finally knows how Mousse feels after the way she was treating him. She thought back at the time when they kicked her in the stomach. It wasn’t the kick that hurt her, it was the image of Mousse and Nicki kissing. Not only she lost the boy who used to admire her, she lost her best friend. Shampoo let out a sad meow and slowly walked back home.

The End.

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