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Saphire threads

by Clandestine Princess

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To those who plait the threads

A collection from late August 2005

Each scar marks a kiss with the divine, and encounter with those who hold sway of that which I am subjected to.  Devoured into the states of their desires, all I need to do is offer myself to them.  Stood in silk I am theirs until eternity tires of my breath, my mind.  Removed from sancity I am revolting reality.  Enslaved to conditioning.  Only now can I run from their grasp, their cleched fist, a birdcage of flesh.  A tower of slender fingers with emaculate force.  I escape them now, in a moment.  Never one to fully understand or rather to accept fact as truth.  For in my mind they are entirely removed from one another.

Mother, I drank the rainclouds today, and now my soul leaks hope again

A bleeding rose amongst the thorns

Bound to the clouds, the ropes burn my wrists.  Scar tissue kissed better till veins are exposed saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads saphire threads

However the form, forever the depth, tilll death he attempts to release himself.  he shall never escape me, my word is unbreakable.

Because even our hearts have roots.  To remain flowering we need warmth and nourishment.  Comfort and encouragement.  To those we should adorn with sympathy, are usually those who remain composed as their roots are torn from beneath them.  raped of support, they are held in their own horror.  Until eventually, suddenly and without warning they hopelessly wither.

Trust those who steal for they are those who grasp moments without consequence and run forever without guilt

How can I ever establish your eyes, when you hide them from me.  How can I ever see as you do,when you cover your eyes with your hands.  Speak as you find.  Words of violence, words of hate, words of lust, why deny me a taste of your sight, your tears.

How is it only now that I have reconstructed your words that you told me yourself, words like violenec transcend silence.  So why is it i would hide from you.

Seek to find and search beyond the surface, haunting breaths and now to expose reality.  The fluid nature of my writing.  Delve into realms but do not resist my love at any cost.

How can I express with no clear definition, merge till you purge princess

In delicious heels I tread your back till it bleeds and you desire me like heaven I shall turn you over and slam you inside me grind upon you so hard and fast that you spill inside me and you desire me like heaven I shall take you in my mouth and make you erect once more till you release and you desire me like heaven

Plunged beneath the surface and you gasp for air, your lungs fill with liquid diamonds and you begin drowning.  In your delerious state you see her world.  rich colours and textures, beauty and fantasy collide and her world means heaven to you.  She has coalesced with the divine and you mocked her.  Engulfed in shame.  take your last breath.

I shall hold time in the palm of my hand for you enchanting creature.  I am beyond in love with you and still so desperately seek expression of this.  I shall carve into my legs once more so you shall know my true devotion.  I shall empty my sould through metaphoric blood till you know my lust and devotion.  I shall wrap you in SAPHIRE THREADS

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