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The Diary of Mary Warren

by Jilly

Libraries: Drama, General, Misc Fanfiction (other), Series

Published on / 6 Chapter(s) / 3 Review(s)

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So this is based on the play 'The Crucible'. If you've never read it you really should it's awesome and it would help to understand what these diary entries are about. It was originally a writing assignment for my American Lit. class but I was so happy with it that I decided to post it. I had to choose a character from the play and write a diary of what is happening in the play in the characters point of view. The play is based on the Salem witch trials so I hope you guys enjoy.

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Chapter 1, Entry 1

The Diary of Mary Warren

Dear Diary,




          Abby, Mercy Lewis, myself, and among many others were caught dancing in the forest with Tituba last night. In all the confusion Betty fainted and hasn’t wakened up since. I hear that Ruth Putnam will not wake either. I suppose they figure if they stay asleep they won’t be blamed or get in trouble, for dancing is forbidden and we’re never to do it.


          Reverend Parris cries and cries by Betty’s side I know she can hear him, I know it. Abby is also worrying she smacks and screams at Betty for her to wake up. How does she do that to a young child, her cousin no less? She lies so innocently to Reverend Parris, I don’t know why she can lie so easily and it makes me a little worried. I believe we should tell the truth to her Uncle but Abby threatens to come in the dead of night and cut our throats. If I didn’t know any better I would suspect she would cut all of Salem’s throat if she had the chance, save for John Proctor of course. No, I don’t mean that...Abby is a good person despite all the rumors and whisperings, she is only stressed under pressure. I have to trust her in her plans though they may seem they aren’t in the best interest of the rest of the girls and myself.


          Tituba I think is worried, they say Ruth and Betty are sick but I know they suspect witchcraft and the first person they’ll blame is Tituba. Rebecca Nurse has it right. She says to give the children a few days and they should be perfectly fine but the Putnams think otherwise. I want to speak up in fact I have to, but I can not do it alone. I am certainly not one to grow the heart of a lion over night and Abby certainly is not one to grow the heart of a lamb over night. Mr. Proctor seems uninterested in the whole thing he wants nothing to do with Abby since the time Goody Proctor threw her out of her home. I don’t think Abby is ready to be as uninterested in Mr. Proctor as he is in her.




                             Mary Warren


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