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Mocking the Teacher :3

by arkillian

Libraries: Humor, One Shots, Original Fiction

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Errr- writing a non-canon story off my novel 'Dragon Twins' which is going to be a romance novel, but this scene is really long and lengthly, so I'm gonna cut it out- It distroys the illusion before you get it. It's seriously funny though, so I thought I'd show everyone ^^ Have fun seeing Alex mock the teacher- Baird and Weilder ( His math teacher) get it alot from him ^^ (Weilder more- he's EBIL to Alex ^^; And he's a math teacher XD )

A red haired teenaged girl stood at the front of the class, flushed over her already freckled cheeks did a quiet ‘That’s it,’ as she finished her poem, noticing the teacher wipe a slight tear from her eye. The class’s English teacher, Mrs Baird got up out of her chair and clapped the girl as she walked up to her.

“A wonderful poem Julia dear, wonderful indeed,” Going to motion Julia back to her seat, the teacher noticed a brunette boy at the back of the class with his head in his arms, face down on his desk. Mrs Baird narrowed her eyes in horror, picking up a short stick of cane from the black board at the front of the room. The classroom of around 30 all did a synchronised gasp in interest, as Mr Baird stormed up to the lethargic teen. Slamming her cane on the desk in front of the boy, her face flared in anger, waiting for his reaction. “Alexander?” She demanded, as the boy still lay asleep. Poking him a few times with the cane, a blond boy beside the sleepy one cackled in humour.

“You’ll near wake him up that way, miss,” he laughed, using all his weight, to push the sleeping boy off his chair and onto the floor. The teacher yelped in shock at the blond teen’s actions, the whole entire class in an uproar from the entertainment. The brunette boy’s hand however shot out, and latched onto the blond’s throat, dragging him down with him till he stopped falling. His eyes flashed open in a start, immediately noticing his grip on the blond guy’s neck. The brunette teen grinned, getting a nod towards the teacher by the other. The brunette boy’s eyes widened, letting go of his neck.

“Ah… I fell asleep again. I’ve got to stop doing that- I’m getting better sleep here than at home! Cheers for the save Carl,”

“No prob, Alex,” His blond friend grinned nodding back towards the teacher with urgency. The class had gone silent by now, waiting for the out come of this lapse in his concentration. Alex climbed back onto his chair, not even blinking as he gave the fuming teacher a calm smile.

“What seems to be the problem, Miss?” He asked, the class letting out a quiet natter in excitement. Mrs Baird pointed to the front of the class where Julia still stood, holding her poem in her hands.

“Tell me what her poem was about, Daniels.”

“Not even a please?” Alex replied, crossing his arms, “And you say our generation has no respect.”

“Tell me what her poem was about, or I’ll send you to the Principle.” She demanded, slapping her crane onto Alex’s desk once more. Alex threw a look on his face to suggest he knew, giving Julia a raised brow from the distance. Julia grabbed a ruler from the black board, and swung it about violently. She then dropped the make believe sword and fluttered her eyelashes in a sweet look. Alex slapped his face and laughed.

“It was a poem about a girl falling in love with a knight.”

“That’s not all,” Mrs Bairds tested, narrowing her eyes at Alex further. Alex leaned back, giving her a strange look.

“Give me some credit, Miss- you saw that I was a sleep. I’m sure you can’t pick that kind of stuff up counting sheep either!” The whole class turned into an uproar of laughter, Julia quickly putting the ruler back onto the black board ledge. Mrs Baird when to say something in return, as the school bell rang loudly in celebration. Alex and Carl gave each other a high five, grabbing their bags.

“Saved by the bell,” Carl grinned giving Alex a wave, “see you at the game tonight!”

“Back at you!” Alex replied, scuttling out of the teacher’s talons as he scampered towards the door.

“I expect at least a B grade poem from you, Alexander,” Mrs Baird cried, pointing her cane stick at Alex accusingly, “Or you will be on detention for a month!”

“Damn,” Alex muttered, as if a curse had just been placed upon his head. It was bad enough suffering her for normal classes let alone detention as well. Grumbling to himself, he wandered out the door. “when am I going to find the time to…”

“That was a good save, Al,” Julia’s face suddenly appeared in front of Alex, grinning successfully. “I think you owe me one for that.”

“It was a brilliant plan! It didn’t save me from getting any punishment, but that’s OK I guess,” Alex sighed in dissapointment, walking away from the class along beside Julia. “When am I going to find time to write a poem anyway?”

“I could write it for you?” Julia supplied, getting a smile from Alex in gratitude.

“No, Baird would know you wrote it. I’m just going to have to think of something. Somehow.”

“Well, let’s go to the library. We can talk about it there. I’ll see if I can help at least.”

“You’re on,” Alex grinned, leading the way.

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