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Keep Walkin

by NegativeZero

Libraries: Poetry and Song Lyrics

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Everyday Im strugglin tryin to keep maiself alive, / And mai lyfe has been nothin but a bottle of lies,...

Everyday Im fallin from the sight of you,
Id give forever just to be with you,
I lose maiself, and it cant be helped,
But baby you should knoe by now,
You knoe how much I love you by the way I stare,
You knoe Id do anything because I care,
You turn away, why cant you stay,
Please lady would you be mai gurl,
Why do you hurt me the way you do,
Can't stop this feelin I have for you,
If you leave me here, Drownin in mai tears,
Oh baby Im lost without you.

Lost without you...

© 2003 TimZ

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