Posted Jan 27, 2007, 5:42:41 PM
Features myself and my two best friends in Valentines themed clothing. It represents our favorite colors, which explains the black. This is also my first attempt at cell shading, but I still need to work at it a bit... along with hands, body length, legs and proportions. ;/

The one on the far left is Hotaru
The middle one is Rikku
The one on the right is me
(that's their nicknames)

It's coincidental that we all have black hair. The only real differences between us is the shade of black (as in Hotaru's is more black, Rikku's is more brown and mine is more red) and the eye color. Theirs are brown, mine are blue. The hair and eye colors are based on our actual real life hair/eye colors. The skin colors.. well, we're all white, that's about it. ;P The skin colors aren't entirely accurate, Hotaru and Rikku are more tan than I am.

I love Hotaru's outfit *o*

/end commentary

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  • Jan 27, 2007
    Oh how cute!! I love the clothes! So adorable. Your art style is very cute too. I think the proportions are actually quite good. Not bad at all ^_^ Just a little bit of tweaking could fix.

    My favorite outfit is Hotaru's (the mostly white one) but Rikkus hair is very lovely. ^_^

    Great job ^_^
    • Jan 29, 2007
      Rikku's hair is ... very unlike her. XD It needed some diversity and I had already drawn and inked mine, and Hotaru chose hers, so Rikku got the wrong end of that argument I guess. XD

      I like Hotaru's outfit too :3
  • Jan 27, 2007
    This is really good! I like the one of the far right the best Thumbs Up great job!
  • Jan 27, 2007
    I prefer Rikku's outfit. Yes It's more kimono-ish. I think your figure drawing could use a bit of work, but the color and shading is good.
    Now I have to ask (because there are ribbons EVERYWHERE) how exactly do you figure out how ribbons work? @ @ My character Harmakhis is suppost to have these criss-crossing bands on her arms, but I don't really know if they're....functional. Is it possible to find referance for ribbons? @ @
    • Jan 27, 2007
      Well honestly I kinda just went with it as far as ribbons go. To me they're only lines you draw and call them ribbons then it somehow works. XP

      Yeah, I agree that my figure drawing needs work, I'm still trying to get my proportions right :3

      Rikku chose her own outfit based on a cosplay she was doing XD I just added some minor modifications to make it blend in more with mine and Hotaru's.
      • Jan 27, 2007
        Yay for cosplay! Bounce
        Anime kinda ignores proportions. *points to chibi* Just watch the shoulders. They add soooo much to balance it's not even funny. Cry The problem with them is arms deviate from the curve of the spine, and thus try and throw things out of kilter. (It's a conspiracy against humans I tell you! The cats mock us.)




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