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Posted Jan 31, 2007, 2:15:18 PM UTC

It has been so long since I have submitted anything in the form of art to any site I'm at, and some of it due to my being so tired from work or just not getting off my rump and drawing XD.

Well anyhow. This character is kind of a conglomerate of other characters mixed together, because at first this was supposed to be a legend of zelda *Link* drawing but I gave up when I got to his hat and just started messing around with him lol. I also have what looks like trigun and a few other character look-alikenessess' *If that's a word o.o* in there if you look hard enough..But yeah..I'll hopefully be finishing this soon, it's the inked version.

I REALLY hate that my hand so nicely jerked on me when inking around his right eye-glass there...Which is why it is pointed out so far..but what can ya do =/ White-out is a nono >.<

I'm going candy-coated for this one, just because I know what needs to be roasted on this XD But bring some critiques if ya have em :3 Even though he's inked already lol

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  • Feb 2, 2007, 9:47:46 PM UTC
    Wow very nice! I really like how you drew this!And...his hat is cool >_> *steals it* Bwhahahaha!




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