Posted Feb 2, 2007, 3:40:25 PM
What happens evey half an hour while I'm at the PC....

Just a sketch, I don't think I'll be patient enough to finish it.

I need to think how to improve the cat here...

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  • Feb 3, 2007
    You know- my cat did that, but he was a big fluff ball, so not only get he get in the way, but the fluff got EVERYWHERE. I loved him terribly, but those were the few moments I seriously felt like chucking him across the room ^^; Of corse I never would cause he was too adorable to be mean too ^^
    • Feb 3, 2007
      my cat is twice bigger then on the pic... So it's bit painful when she puts her legs like that. Tongue
      Also I have 3 of them since my childhood so I'm used to all that fluff everywhere. )))

      I love cats, can't imagine my life without them
  • Feb 2, 2007
    I think the cat itself looks nice, but the position s/he's in looks a bit uncomfortable. Perhaps having him/her's front lean a bit more forward. Bend his/her legs a bit.

    Kind of like the visual crit. I'm sorry it's not the greatest. Slant I did it in Paint. But something along those lines, maybe? I don't know a lot about kitty anatomy, but maybe that will make your cat look a little more natural.

    PS - My first Visual crit! Grin Yay!
    • Feb 2, 2007
      Thank you for the comment

      I'm working on a cat now - I think her position looks as if she is still jumin forward...

      And you know... I Can't view your crit... "No visual critique exists for this comment entry." - it says Sad
      • Feb 3, 2007
        Really? Well, I'll try posting it again. I'm not very good with this stuff. Laughing So I'm sorry.

        Oooh, wait. I know what I did. Laughing Okay, this one should work.
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