Far From the City

Posted Feb 3, 2007, 11:17:14 AM


Another pic I did back in the day of high school but one of my favorites. This was one of my first/earlier photoshop pieces. The artwork was done by my partner in crime whom I'm writing the book with. This is the first time Diablo, that's the teen on the left, leaves the city in search for another key character. He doesn't really fit in where he later finds himself LOL

Oh the homeboy on the right is Maliky, another character's pet marsh dragon ^_^ Ain't he a cutey? I do mean the dragon too, ahem.

Anyway - I lost the original - I only have this scanned copy I did back then which sucks cuz I don't have the original print out either, heh. I need to get more organized, ^^;

Hope you like!


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