You're not afraid of the dark?

Posted Feb 6, 2007, 7:12:20 PM

Finally, my Riddick is to my satisfaction. Hope you like him. I sure do.

It's my rendition of a pic from the game «Escape from Butcher bay» which is a great game by the way.  I did it in charcoal.

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  • Feb 6, 2007
    Sweet! It's finished! Yay! I love how you did this it's awesome the shading is really great Very nice job on this Lili Thumbs Up Favorite
    • Feb 6, 2007
      Thanks...I think I worked for 3 days none stop on this! Glad you like him...sigh...Riddick Grin
      • Feb 6, 2007
        well your work definately paid off it came out great Yes
  • Apr 15, 2007
    I like this!
    Image attached
    • Apr 16, 2007
      thank you, i was so proud of this and got so little critics I felt like crying. Thank you again you made my day!
  • Apr 26, 2007
    Dang, that's good. The tiny details are what I like about it. The veins in his hands and the notches on the blades are awesome.
    • Apr 26, 2007
      thank you! Im so happy when I receive comments on this one because I worked so hard! Thanks again!
  • Dec 17, 2007
    Riddick rawks. You did a great rendering of him. Smile
  • Jan 22, 2008
    you did a great job on this one I really like it good shading and nice captivation of light.
    • Jan 22, 2008
      Ah thanks, I worked so hard on this one! I'm quite proud to see that it does look like Riddick (who's so hot!)
      • Jan 22, 2008
        I can only agree with you Riddick is total hawtness. and you did a great job on this pic.
  • Feb 6, 2008
    Great piece of art! The shading is amazing and I love Riddick. He's one of the coolest characters around.
  • Mar 6, 2008
    Whoo! Now, he's a cutie. I have yet to start using charcoals because I know they can get messy. Sweat Drop I really should try...

    I love your job on the lighting here, and how you can see the veins in his hands. Very awesome. Smile
    • Mar 10, 2008
      Thank you, I did work hard on this one. I'm glad you like it! Yeah charcoal can be messy...but it's a fun medium to work with.
      And yeah...he's hot!
  • Oct 21, 2009
    The shading is so great on this, it looks sooo close to the actual Riddick, great work here =D
  • Jul 23, 2010
    I don't mind the dark if Riddick is there to look out for me :3




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