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Neves & Farrago

Posted Feb 10, 2007, 10:24:47 PM
Finally! I finished another one of my 'Creator & Created' series! =^.^=. This one is my bf, Mark Neves and his story & rp character Occult Farrago.. If you can notice, occult has his hand on Marks shoulder, and I summed up a reason for this. Because without Mark, Occult would be nothing...he wouldnt even be there. So if he let go, he would eventually fade away because the belief has vanished. Erm...lol maybe I am just thinking abit deep but oh well!

Another thing which is strange is that my bf doesnt really believe in gods and the 'supernatural' and yet he created a character which IS a god. :S ANYWAY....Enjoy ^^.

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