A Sin So Holy

Posted Feb 12, 2007, 2:32:41 AM

An old - and I mean OLD pic I did in photoshop. My bud and I saw a magazine add and thought it would be hot to have our main character in the shot heh.

Um mini story behind this is he is a detective - and a pawn in fate's bigger design - and he was hired to help her find someone that played a key role in the series. While trying to find her missing lover who happened to be involved in another case our hero was working on - do bigger tangles in the twisted webs reveal themselves. Amoung the chaos do he and his vampire employer share an intimate night of forbidden passion - LOL Yes she is vampire!

That's why she's so white compared to our mexican hero! I like it - got lazy around the hair - but meh - not to many folk pay attention to that anyway. Now that I'm done rambling - please - enjoy!!


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  • Feb 12, 2007
    This is totally sexy. I love that coloring job it looks awesome. Favorite
    • Feb 12, 2007
      Heh, thank you so much!
  • Feb 14, 2007
    I totally do enjoy it! This is very nice! Great colouring! Grin
    • Feb 15, 2007
      Thank you - not bad for the holiday no?