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Posted Feb 16, 2007, 5:16:38 AM

Well not much of a story behind this image.

Just a quick sketch I did in painter - needed a direct head shot of her character so I started coloring and blending away. ^_^ Her eyes are the exact way I would like them but meh.

I normally go all out on lil' details when I paint pic on the comp but I decided to kinda leave this image a bit on the raw side.


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  • Feb 15, 2007
    • Feb 16, 2007
      You know only you and possibly three other people ever comment on my stuff!
      I think I'm even more unpopular over here! LMAO
      • Feb 16, 2007
        Meh you shouldn't care so much..just draw what you like...And make yourself're only sharing your stuff....I stop caring lonnnng ago... :B But meh not trying to sound all mother like...