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Evil With A Smile

Posted Feb 20, 2007, 12:03:24 AM

This is one of the main villians in the story. Did this one full night outta bordem and a friend's request. I know there are a few things wrong but I care little to fix them now.

I always meant to color this pic.....hmm....maybe now I should. I know I can do this devil much more justice now then I did then LOL

His name is Veramos.

Devil - not vampire. His corp is known as the Burning Skull - but I never got around to casting flames on the card.

Anyway yeah - enjoy!


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  • Mar 19, 2007
    Very nice! I love the different shades of black-the clothing and skin has the look of dark pencil, but the hair is even darker with pen (I think?). Anyway, It's an awsome overall effect. You have a real knack for portraiture. Smile
    • Mar 27, 2007
      Thanks - did this so long ago. Um - actually - I only used one pencil - a mech .5 - the best there freakin' is!!

      I hope to get more into my traditional phase again ^_^
  • Feb 20, 2007
    Awesome shading! Another sweet pic Grin