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  • May 28, 2005
    You did a profile! Now I realy am amazed. If you hadn't noticed I don't have any profiles in my gallery. It's one of my weak points and I have always found them difficult. You are one talented cookie but you can't let talent go to waste. Keep drawing and I just know you'll come into your own.
    • May 28, 2005
      thanks thats very kind of you. One time my artwork got sent to Africa for their shcools.Please put up more art work. Because I am a huge fan of your art.*smiles*!
  • May 28, 2005
    I think it turned out very well! What a gift to have family to help you...Don't let that pass you by! Keep up the good work. Big Smile
    • May 28, 2005
      Thanks you are so nice and I'm abig fan of your art. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  • May 28, 2005
    This is great! I can't believe you are only 11 ;) Just keep drawing as often as you can and I know you will improve, especially with your aunt there to help you along Smile Keep up the great work! Big Smile
    • May 28, 2005
      Thanks you are really nice! I will always draw. You are really really good at drawing. Never stop drawing. maybe sometime will you do a picture just for me? thanks I would appiciate it! *smiles*!
  • Jul 15, 2005
    That totally rocks!
    I've had a lot of trouble with profiles,
    but that's really good! the jaw expressing boredom, and somewhat annoyance captures him perfectly. Great Job!
    • Jul 17, 2005
      thanks im sorry you are having troubles pretty soon it will get better i promise
  • Jul 26, 2005
    Hey you are very good at this! Im very impressed, keep up the great work! Mwah! ;)
    • Jul 26, 2005
      thanks! you are very good too!
    • Jul 26, 2005
      thanks you are really good too im sorry you might get this twice
      mwha! ^_^
      • Jul 26, 2005
        You checked my stuff?! Oh then thanks a lot. And dont worry, about the double posting, it makes more mail in my inbox!;) Mwah
  • Jul 27, 2005
    yes....can you tell me what it look like, i was trying to upload it and all i see my old one...The new one i uploaded is the side of my face in blue! Is that it?
    • Dec 16, 2005
      thanks for your compliments i really appericiate it it just takes practice my aunt taught me i am only 11 i bet your drawing could have been aweful im sure it was actually pretty good we are all good artists in ourselves somewhere right