Posted Mar 6, 2007, 12:19:18 AM
This is my friend, Amanda's, character, Huyana! XD For some reason I really wanted to draw someone else's character, and who better than Manda's beloved Huyana!

I think Huyana turned out really cute :D I drew 'er, inked it (twice x.x), edited the lineart in Photoshop, then colored, and then ended up editing a lot of the line art because it wasnt looking right. And then, bang, (crappy) background and there we go :D

I hope I didnt butcher Huyana too much, Manda XD

Also, I want to thank animeboytoykoi a lot for helping me with this. So many problems before she got a hold of it XD

Character © Amanda K.
Art © : Allison S. (me!)

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