Posted Mar 9, 2007, 1:51:40 PM
I haven't visited PD for some time... Sorry

It's just that I seriously need to learn to draw animals or else my friend kills me... So these unsuccessful attemts to draw a "pokemon" take all time I have to draw.

After all this time drawing hundreds of wolves, cats, lions etc. I just needed to draw something ( someone ^_- ) I like.

So, here is another face constructed of all the features I like in males :)  (see Untitled in my gallery for the other one) To me, he is absolutely and ulitimately cute ))))

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  • Dec 28, 2008
    Drawing the ideal beauty has been the quest of artists throughout the ages. ^_~ As always, your sketch is very vibrant. Nice use of shading.
    (My friend draws animals, and I draw people, going out of your comfort zone is always hard!)

    P.S. I'm never on pd anymore, but it's always fantastic to see your work!
    • Apr 24, 2009
      Hi, thanks for your reply, it's nice to see you)

      I'm not on PD anymore as well, just though it'd fun to check in.
      I even do not draw as much as I used to...

      Anyway, I'm happy to see your comment)
  • Mar 10, 2007
    It looks pretty good to meYes Nice job!




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