Clay Chibi Kenshin

Posted Mar 11, 2007, 11:36:49 PM
O___O Omg! Chibi Kenshin clay-a-fied.

Go ahead..laugh. Laugh at his under 2 inches tall self. Get it out XD I know he's horrible, ahaha ^_^"  I made him last night and then colored him today. It was really fun, even if the final product isnt so...great XD

Buuttt....hes just the starting ground...Numero Uno. Hopefully Ill improve and be able to sell these guys or something :D

Made with Stonex clay, acrylic paints, and varnished with Perm Enamel.

The Perm Enamel was a bad idea...Its making the paint crack and chip -cry-  Anyone know what brand names of something actually *made* for protecting the statue?

Well, hope you like my disfigured and deformed and funny Kenshin.

Dont hate me for disgracing his beautifulness, ahaha XD

EDIT: I just realized I didnt put his scar on his face!! A Kenshin without a I really screwed up XD  And I cant go back and fix it either...Rah

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