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Posted Mar 19, 2007, 4:04:15 AM

*dies* Oh my God... I thought I was going to DIE from writing "CatInTheHat" 100,000,000 times! *is still in shock*

This is the prize for CatInTheHat for my mini-contest. It's a chibi of her. :D Yes, I know chibis don't have noses but this one does because all of mine just do.

Anyways, I'm sorry for the bad coloring job. I'm out of most of my Prismacolors so this is done 90% in RoseArt. -_-

Hope everyone likes it anyhoo!! <3

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  • Mar 19, 2007
    That's not true. Most, if not all of my chibis have noses. Smile It's not a crime to throw one in. :hugs:

    I feel for you. Writing CatintheHat a bajillion times sounds like a pain! And I think that's the coolest shirt I've ever seen in my entire life. Laughing

    What was the mini-contest?
    • Mar 19, 2007
      Aww, thanks, Doll! Hug You wouldn't believe how this one guy raved at me about how my chibis shouldn't have noses one time. XDXDXD

      Laughing Thank you!! I actually just made one for myself. >x< Laughing

      The mini-contest was on SheezyART and it was for everyone to try to guess my eye color. CatInTheHat guessed right; green. Heart
      • Mar 20, 2007
        Oh. That's cool. Big Smile And that guy sounds like a real creep. He'd probably hate me. Laughing Oh well. He doesn't sound worth my time.

        A lot of people like SheezyART. I may have to go check it out. Slant
        • Mar 20, 2007
          He's not worth my time or yours. Tongue The way I see it is people like that have such closed minds there's not enough room in there for original art. Laughing

          You should!! Hug If you do, come see me. I'm pretty well known there and I'm sure I could get you a bunch of viewers on your art. Heart
          • Mar 21, 2007
            Well, consider me signed up! Laughing I have the same name, so I should be pretty easy to find.
            • Mar 24, 2007
              YAY!!! Hug You should go sign in. Yes I asked everyone to go visit you this afternoon and a bunch of them already did. Heart *is happy you joined*
              • Mar 26, 2007
                Really? Laughing I think I only have one thing posted though! Not much to look at. xD Oh well.

                Hug Thank you.
  • Mar 19, 2007
    This is awesome! Big Smile Favorite