Before the Storm

Posted Apr 7, 2007, 9:55:58 PM
The title is Before the Storm, because of the calm that always comes before a storm(you know this old quote) and it looks like shes about to go into a fight when she lands. So yeah, thats where the title comes from :D

I think this picture is the biggest stepping stone yet. Im one step closer to the way I want to be coloring; this may even be the way I want to color, Im still not sure. But this is defintely my best work yet ^-^"

Its also the first bg Ive done. I need to work on backgrounds but...again, stepping stones :D

^_^ I hope you like it!

(ps: Please ignore any discrepancies. Like how shes falling, but theres no *wind in the hair* action XD)

Full View Plleeeaassee! :D

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