Posted Apr 17, 2007, 2:00:25 PM
Haliaeta-aeris. (hal-ee-AY-tuh AIR-iss)

Air spirit. Bird-like appearance. Tolion's older brother. Second son of Deo. Favorite brother is Takara (light spirit). Name derived from the Latin name for 'bald eagle' and the Latin word for 'air.'

Hali rarely ever says much of anything, but when he does it's well worth listening to. His wise words, though few, tend to make up for his solitary, stern, and some what cold personality. Before he met Tolion and aided him on his quest, he hadn't spoken for nearly 4000 years. He's very protective of his brothers, especially his eldest brother, Takara. One of his favorite past times is blowing powerful gusts over Kitsua's fire, blowing it out of control and ultimately getting Kitsua in trouble with their father.

I gave him a slight make over...but this looks really disproportioned for some reason. -_- And how the FUCK do you draw AIR!? ...oh well. I tried. ._.

I freaking love that wing though. >_> Oh, and he DOES have two arms...the other one his hidden behind his wing and tail...

Characters, story, art © Caiti Woodward

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