VegeGoku: Eye Study

Posted Apr 27, 2007, 6:56:05 AM
=\ I've seen a lot of pictures where people draw Vegeta with Goku's eyes or visa versa. Sometimes they go and flip their faces completely - giving Vegeta a huge, ( extremely OOC DX )happy, grin and Goku a narrowed-eyed scowl. And then they make Goku look older than Vegeta...o_o; I hate that. Vegeta's almost 10 years older than Goku, after all...

So I doodled this. ( In my style, though. But it's basically the same kind of idea. ) For practice on my part. ^^; I love drawing eyes. I feel they're what control one's expression the most. Did it out of boredom too..o.o; But what the heck. xP

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