Unknown guy

Posted Apr 27, 2007, 7:14:13 PM
Still far from being finished, but I just love how his tummy looks like and decided to share. :grin:

I left notes to myself all over the picture. You can ignore them or you can help me with some of them. It's your choice.

Pose is lame cause he wasn't supposed to be a complete artwork. It started as an anatomy practice, cause I kinda forgot how to do male body after drawing a lot of females. Several papers and failed sketches later, this guy was born.

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  • Apr 30, 2007
    *sighs* Don't you have the most intense love/hate relationships with these unnamed sketches of anime men? Anyway, I claim first dibs on his tummy! ^_^ (I also love those butt muscles of his...)
    But to the point-I think your problem with the boots is that they don't quite shape the foot-they would be loose on the top or have a whole bunch of those little wrinkles. Adding detail to the shoe itself also helps, such as those curvy stitch marks you always see.
    • May 2, 2007
      Thanks for the input! Smile
      I'll take your advice and see what can be done with those boots of his and if all fails I can still turn them into normal shoes and cover them a little bit with pants. Or make him barefoot, that would be fun. Or leave socks on. There are so many possibilities...Ponder




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