I will protect!

Posted May 30, 2007, 7:35:21 AM UTC
~Blood ,sweat ,and tears.~

This is the last part. I know Kave's horns are too small. Sorry. I respected Gemma's art style and i tried with the coloring style. I use colorpencials, and she uses markers. I know it's alil fucky lookin'. I'll be use to get some different color pens so the outlines will look better, from there on out.
That is brith ooze coming from the egg.


Ok, now for the words (is just making all this up):

*Setting in a cave*

"Move ,freak." Kave hisses drawing near the mother of the egg. "Father ...no..." whats left of a beaten Asp beggs, in a loud whisper on the ground behind him. Asp has his father's fire, for sure. He even had to use his ram-like horns to break Asp's arms so he wouldn't move anymore, at least not too well. Mercery looks at Asp in fear as hot tear start to roll down his/her face. "Mer...run..." Asp warns, but instead of fleaing the redhead sets the eggs down. Asp's eyes widen in shocks as his lover's nails extend to claws and s/he bears his/her teeth to the king. "You are not my blood. You think I wouldn't kill you?" Asp's father growls to him/her. "I..." Mercury starts ,but is cut off by a small sound. S/He looks down to where it's coming from ,and low and behold it's the egg...haching. Merceuy's eyes swell with more tears as his/her face turns upset and somewhat disgusted. Not with his/her child coming in the the world, but with it's grandfather. Mercury looks back to Kave ,who's claws are out and ready for battle. Bloodlust filles the ora of the cave, and with that a hiss from a redhead...

~To be continued?~


Tools used: Paper, pencail, pen, colorpencail, photoplus

Characters - Gemma aka Snapesnogger
Art and mini story - me

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