Aoi Ai

Posted Jun 15, 2007, 3:47:36 PM

Aoi Ai : Blue Love

Wheeww! Finally got this one out. This pic has given me so much trouble XD I finished this pic, then hated the final product so I trashed all layers 'cept the line art twice; Twice! And I deleted who knows how many layers in between that. XD But...the final product came out pretty awesome, I believe. ^-^

Dont ask me why I made it blue...It decided on its own, I swear.

And yes, this is Sesshoumaru and Kagome from the anime Inuyasha. <3 the pairing in fanfiction *geeeek*

Tools: PhotoshopCS2 and Wacom Tablet

Characters(c): Rumiko Takashi
Art(c): Me! (Allison S)

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  • Jun 16, 2007
    Totally sweet awesome is what it is! lol No but yeah, I really like this peace. I like how you are getting better and better with skin, but I would say to try to improve the other textures too. Like Sesshoumaru's fluff, it likes very nice when its seen on the side, but when you actually look at it, the curls dont match up. If you dont get me just tell me. Xo lol
    Another thing is, your hair style doesnt seem to match with your skin. The skin looks very realistic, but the hair seems more 3-D (like in a video game - cellshading type).
    Oh and the other thing I told you about the eye. ^-^ Cheater. lol
    I'll point out other things to you later. )_) Those aren't big enough to announce here.
    Great job, you're getting much better. =]
    • Jun 16, 2007
      Hehe thank you koi. I see what youre talking about with the hair you know Im too lazy to fix XD

  • Aug 1, 2007
    Very beautiful. Your style in this has a very Van Gogh appeal.

    Since you want me to roast you, I will say one thing. The glow on Sesshoumaru's cheek needs to be brought forward. The cheekbone is a lot closer to the nose than what you have.

    Other than that, I love what you've done with Kagome on several levels. The body posture, coloring and shading are excellent. Many props for you Big Smile
    • Aug 1, 2007
      Thats quite the compliment. I dont quite see how it has a Van Gogh appeal, but I havent seen much of his work so -shrugs-

      Thanks. I see what you mean about the cheekbone thing. Im not promising Ill change it, Im lazy, XD But Ill definantly remember that for future works.

      Thanks again! Im glad you like it ^_^
      • Aug 1, 2007
        I think it's the stroke style of of the clouds and Sesshoumaru's fluff. It just sort of reminds me of Starry Night.
  • Aug 12, 2007
    ahhh, I love sesskag >ww< great job! kagome looks so pretty n.n
    • Aug 12, 2007
      Mm yes, SessKag is awesomeness ^_^

      Thank you for your comment! Big Smile
  • Aug 22, 2015
    i love sesskag!!! this is beautiful