Posted Jun 12, 2005, 8:04:36 PM
This is a drawing of Washu I did back in 2002. I liked this drawing but was not really happy with the coloring, so I decided to recolor it and add a new background. The background is a nebula picture I found using a google search. Drawn with pencil, colored with colored pencil, background added and color/texture/contrast fixed in photodeluxe buisness 1.1

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  • Dec 23, 2008
    I love the background! It really adds on to the picture! Great work. Smile
  • May 26, 2006
    wow. that's really good. i love tenchi muyo/universe/in toyko. her and Rokyo were my favorite ones on there.

    love the background. (man, i wish i can draw. Cry )
  • Dec 19, 2005
    Very nice! Great coloring and expression ^_^
  • Sep 17, 2005
    this pic is nice. The background is fitting to the way you colored her which i love. Her hair and top look so soft contrasting with her eyes, I like that. Upsidedown
  • Jul 7, 2005
    I absolutly love how you colored her! Very nicely done!! great job!!!
  • Jun 13, 2005
    Yay! Lil' Washu!!!
  • Jun 13, 2005
    I think the coloring is great!! The background goes so well with her. Very good job.
  • Jun 12, 2005
    Oooo, I really like this! The background looks great, and the coloring is awesome! If I had one thing to say about the drawing, I think her head is a bit big for her body. But, you've certainly captured her self proclaimed genius look!
    • Jun 12, 2005
      "I'm Washu, the greatest scientific genius in the universe!" ha ha. You may be right, I was noticing how big her head looked while I was coloring this again but since it was an old drawing I really didn't feel like resizing the head. I'm terrible with proportions Doh Thank you for pointing that out though, proportions are something I have to work on. Thank you very much karana kaou! Smile
      • Jun 12, 2005
        You're very welcome!
        p.s. I LOVE your icon! ROFL
        • Jun 12, 2005
          Kaou, everyone here loves EBS icon, me included!! Laughing

          Really neat picture, with beautiful coloring and awesome shading! Corky Smile

          Two Thumbs Up up, way up!
          • Jun 13, 2005
            I'm glad you like my icon, thanks karana kaou and Brethesen Smile

            Thank you for your comments Brethesen! Smile
  • Jun 12, 2005
    Ooh, I love it, EBS! I especially love the background. It loooks great with the character. Not to mention the kick-*ss red hair! You go, girl! This one really caught my eye when I logged on and I was like , "Eeeep! I get to be the first to comment... Yay!"
    • Jun 12, 2005
      Yes, I went though a few backgrounds before deciding on this one. I wanted to find something with a light source in the right place that matched the shading and this is the best match I found. Thank you very much for your comments Lady Anime 79! Smile
      • Jun 13, 2005
        I love your new avatar, but they don't look to evil, do they? They look down right cuddly. *laughs* Whatever you did with your picture, it looks fabulous. You have the perfect balance in it. Plus, I love the girl's red hair. Did I mention that before? Oh well.
        • Jun 13, 2005
          Don't be fooled. Some of the most evil things in this world do not appear evil and thus lull you into a sense of false security. Muahahaha..ha..ha Laughing Yes you mentioned the hair, but you can mention it as many times as you want..haha..thanks LadyAnime Smile
          • Jun 13, 2005
            Okay, then I'll mention it again... I love her hair! In all of its red wholesome goodness. Wait... badness? Now I'm tottally confused! What if her hair is really evil trying to make me believe that it is good?




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