Dad you are so cool!!!

Posted Jun 14, 2005, 12:11:35 AM
Trunks is happy, he is going to see Totoro with his father! This white end that there is with the top of the drawing irritates me, I really tried to remove it but nothing :mad:

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  • Jun 13, 2005
    Awesome! This is soooo cute!! Very creative way to integrate DBZ and Totoro! I love how you drew Trunks, Vegeta, the Cat Bus, and Totoro...great job! Smile
    • Jun 14, 2005
      Thank you EBS! Nice avatar by the way, that goes very well with your nickname.
      that would be funny that DBZ knows the world of Myazaki. On an encyclopaedia of Dragon Ball, I learned that the creator of Dragon Ball had seen at least 16 times "Nausicaa of the valley of the wind" an important work of Myazaki. The world of Myazaki is marvellous!
      • Jun 14, 2005
        You are welcome! Glad you like my avatar, thanks! Smile I love that movie, "Nausicaa"..I'm not suprised he watched it that many times...I probably watched it about 10 times so far. His movies are truely awesome.
        • Jun 14, 2005
          You saw Nausicaa? You are so lucky! It is a film which I would absolutely like to see, especially to see the heroin of the film, Nausicaa. I had the occasion to read some volumes of the manga "Nausicaa"

          According to criticisms, she is one of the most charismatic characters of Japanese animation. I saw some extracts of the film and there has an extract which touched me, it is her meeting with the small fox Teto, when she tries to calm him, that she even goes let him bite her to make him understand that she does not want any evil to him. Maybe she tends to be too "perfect" but but in spite of that, I found her extraordinary.
          Myazaki's movies are really awesome as you said.
  • Jun 13, 2005
    First of all, I love your new avatar... Videl, right? Most importantly, I love the sweet moment you are portraying in this picture. I think we all know that Vegeta wouldn't normally be caught dead in a place like this. But it's so sweet to see a moment like this between father and son. Great work. *sobs*
    • Jun 14, 2005
      Thank you Lady Anime79!
      Videl reminds me when I was younger, I was a little real tomboy indeed. Personally I believe that Vegeta could have this kind of behavior with his children, (he led his daughter well to make shopping even if he was sulky) he can be cold seemingly but one is unaware of how he is when he is alone with people whom he loves, the series never left us the occasion see the private life of Vegeta, On a side it is so much better, each one is free to imagine how he is in his private life.
      See you Lady Anime 79 and thank you again!
  • Jun 13, 2005
    I completely agree with Lady Anime. Despite what he's probably thinking, Vegita's got a little smile on his face in support of his sweet! The drawing is excellent, I think you've completely captured the DBZ style. Awesome job! Big Smile
    p.s. Favorite
    • Jun 14, 2005
      Yeah thank you very much Karana Smile
      you too draw very well the DBZ style, I am especially thinking of your drawings of DBZ, they are so cool!
      • Jun 14, 2005
        You're so welcome! And thank you, my DBZ drawings are my babies! Big Smile
  • Jun 13, 2005
    Really cute pic of Trunks and Vegeta (So i'm repeating what the others has sid but so what? Wink )!! And I agree with Lady Anime with this "I love the sweet moment you are portraying in this picture"

    Two Thumbs Up up, way up!
    • Jun 14, 2005
      Thank you very much Brethesen, no matter if you are repeating, I am really glad that you reviewed! By the way, I read your last story, it is really well written!
  • Jun 14, 2005
    Oh I love this drawing! Totoro! Yay. Vegeta and Trunks look so cute Smile
    • Jun 14, 2005
      Thank you Bogusred! Smile
      I am impatient to see the film Totoro, I saw an extract where we saw the meeting of Mei and Totoro, it is so sweet!
  • Jun 23, 2005
    how cute
  • Jul 6, 2005
    I love this father son thing! It is great! I love when there are pictures of Vegeta and Trunks together! I mean I haven't watched it in forever but I still love looking at stuff from DBZ! I mean I can't help my self it is a habit!! lol
    • Jul 7, 2005
      I love DBZ, the style of Akira Toriyama is unique, I adore how he draw his characters.
  • Jul 31, 2005
    the first thing I said when I saw this was: Awww!

    Lol, this pic is sooo adorable!
    • Jul 31, 2005
      Thank you very much Kichi, that made a long time, how are you?
      • Aug 6, 2005
        pretty good, it's saturday, I don't have to work, I'm sitting on my ass when I should be cleaning, but i'm so lazy right now and I need to work on this fic I told this girl I'd finish for her.

        how have you been? Wink
        • Aug 6, 2005
          I am fine Kichi thanks! I am really lazy too, maybe because it is holidays oh well, here I am, I am glad that you are o.k.
  • Aug 10, 2005
  • Aug 10, 2005
    • Aug 10, 2005
      Thank you very much! I am very happy that you post your drawings in Paper Demon and I hope you will post more and more drawings cause they are great!
  • Aug 19, 2005
    hehe, this is a really cute and really good picSmile ...Grin
    and anyways i loooooove Vegeta's small round cute little assSmilehehe...are we supposed to say ass on this thing?Angel
    • Aug 20, 2005
      ROFL well, since Vegeta's body is muscular, I suppose he's got a fine rear! when you will see DBZ, take attention, you will see! I really like your review!
      • Aug 20, 2005
        yea! Smile he does got a fiiiiiine rear!
        wait...what do you meen by review?Huh?
  • Aug 29, 2005
    Vegeta must be a good father if he is going to sit through a family movieLaughing
  • Nov 1, 2005
    OMG! I wanna see my neighbour totoro *hunts for a dvd of it* you seen Howl's Moving Castle yet?
  • May 12, 2006
    It's so happy I think I'm gonna cry! Well, I have to log off soon, so I'm just going to say - GREAT! Favorite
    • May 13, 2006
      I am happy that you like it thank you very much!
      • May 14, 2006
        Very Happy Like it? I love it! Heart Thank YOU for being awesome! xD
        • May 16, 2006
          thank you very much, I feel flattered!




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