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Posted Jun 14, 2005, 3:32:51 PM
A picture of one of Adele Sessler's :worship: ( characters that I drew for a contest. I drew this completely on photoshop.

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  • Jun 14, 2005
    I love the whole wintery scene in the background. You did a very good job. The elf? looks good especially for being drawn completely on Photo Shop. I find it hard to do stuff like that. Good work.
    • Jun 14, 2005
      Thank you! I found it hard too... it took me a while. Took my whole evening! Ah well. Turned out ok. Smile Thanks again!
      • Jun 14, 2005
        You're most welcome. I can't wait to see more from you.^_^
  • Jun 14, 2005
    Sarah! I'm so glad your here! I will definately be coming by often.
    • Jun 15, 2005
      Hi! I'm glad I'm here too. I'm going to try to get more of my newer pictures up on here, but first I have to find my sketchbook! I misplaced the darn thing somewhere...... Doh Check back in a few days! Thanks, Lloyd! Smile
  • Aug 8, 2005
    Someone give that girl a scarf, she's bloody freezing out there! Look her nipples are poking out... no they're not... it's a smudge on my monitor screen. Curses.
    • Aug 9, 2005
      Nipples? Have you ever thought about how funny that word is? Ah yes, she's very cold.... she is wearing a cloak though. That should keep her tootsies warm. Why would a scarf help her nipples? She's not some freaky alien freak with neck boobs. Wacko
      • Aug 10, 2005
        Nipples is an excellent word... always been a favourite of mine, surely one of the top 20 words of all time... no.6 obviously being turnip...

        Don't women have norks on their necks? That'll teach me to watch german pornography! Swine!
        • Aug 10, 2005
          I don't know what my top 20 words of all time are.... I'm sure that nipples isn't on there, though. I think that flatulence is, and muffin.... but I'm not sure what else.

          That sentence made no sense. *smacks Andy round the face for a couple minutes* Baboon!
          • Aug 11, 2005
            Ah, that's better... I always like a good slapping in the morning to get things going!
            • Aug 11, 2005
              I prefer a strong cup of black coffee to a round of slapping..... but, when out of coffee, I guess I would take what I could get.
              • Aug 12, 2005
                *throws scoulding hot coffee in Billson's eyes* There, now you're all out of coffee... *continues the whirling dervish of slapping doom*
                • Aug 12, 2005
                  Good thing I've built up an immunity to hot coffe in the eyes... otherwise I might have to write some clever response, ie "AAHG my eyes are burning! AHG AHG AHG!"

                  Whirling dervish, eh? *ducks Andy's insanely strenuous and hyper slapping* Bad Guestie! *brandishes a piece of corn on the cob* Aha, you're in for it now!! *starts thwacking*
                  • Aug 15, 2005
                    *dies a slow and horrible Corn induced death* Ooooh, the pain!!
                    • Aug 16, 2005
                      *whistles nonchalantly* *throws the mangled piece of corn behind a bush* Angel
                      • Aug 16, 2005
                        *Blobs around in a red pulpy mess....*
                        • Aug 16, 2005
                          Ahg! Viceroid! *blasts red pulpy mess with tiberium-laced grenades* Take that, you mutated piece of flesh!
                          • Aug 17, 2005
                            You can not huet me... My blobby bingo wings are like a shield of steel!!
                            • Aug 17, 2005
                              Damn. Well, how about a game of cards then? *shuffles deck*
  • Aug 18, 2005
    Wait a minute... what are those aces doing up your sleeves?
    • Aug 18, 2005
      These aren't aces! They're my card-shaped teeth sharpeners. Grin I always keep them in my sleeve in case I need an emergency teeth sharpening, in order to bite people....




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