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Luv Addict

Posted Jul 17, 2007, 7:32:39 PM


Because I've been listening to that song on repeat all day while simultaneously saving Riku pictures onto my computer.

This picture was inevitable.

Please excuse those things I'll call his arms, I used no reference. DX Thus why his pretty, shiny hair his covering them. >D Yeah, it's longer, so maybe he's older. And he just likes those kind of pants. Which are reeeally fun to draw, btw. 8D I was going to draw him in a different outfit, but then I figured that if I did, it'd just be some random silver-haired sex god who isn't Riku. Yeah. So.

I honestly doubt Riku really has enough ghey in him to pose like that, but it's sexy, dammit, so back off. D< He's seducing Sora. >D Yes, that's it.

Background is weird and random and crap. I need to work on those. Mmyep.

Riku and his sex © Squeenix (lucky fucks)
Art © Caiti W. '07

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  • Jul 17, 2007
    Giggle Not to worry. I think Riku is just "ghey" (as you so amusingly spelled it. Laughing ) enough to flaunt himself for all to see. Hug