Posted Jun 21, 2005, 7:37:01 PM
This beasty is a guardian of something hidden inside that cave. Do you dare try to fight him to get inside?

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  • Jun 21, 2005
    No siree, not me. this pic is very cool. I love the earthy, autumny tones you have put into it. They really give your character life. He is pretty creepy. Maybe I will have one of my exes try to find out what is inside that cave. Yeah...
    • Jun 21, 2005
      Thanks! Hey, good idea! Send wave after wave of exes at him, and eventually we'll run out of exes to get rid of and be happy. Laughing Who cares what's in the cave? I like this getting rid of exes idea! Big Smile

      Thanks so much!
      • Jun 21, 2005
        I thought it was a pretty good idea as well. ^_^
  • Jun 21, 2005
    I would..hehe. But, I probably wouldn't stand a chance. Anyways, he looks great, good job on the coloring.
    • Jun 21, 2005
      Oh he's just a big softy. Don't tell anyone, but instead of saying "hey you come over here I'm gonna eat ya!" he's saying "Hello! top of the morning! Would you like some tea and crumpits?" He just can't figure out why everyone screams and runs when he invites them for tea. He has very low self esteem. ....

      Thanks! hehe.
  • Jun 21, 2005
    You have a very unique style in your artwork, which is very enticing. Your use of line is very expressive, and gives your work a lot of energy...
    • Jun 22, 2005
      Thank you! You're putting words to what I feel I do with my artwork.... something I couldn't define for whatever reason. But thank you so much!
      • Jun 22, 2005
        Big Smile It's unusual for me to put words to something that someone else can't... It's usually the other way around! Laughing I'm glad I could be some help.
  • Jun 22, 2005
    As much as i'd like to, my legs has blocked my access for "Run" command... Laughing

    Really great (and alive) picture!

    Two Thumbs Up up, way up!
    • Jun 22, 2005
      thank you! I tried to make him seem like he was coming towards the person looking at the picture.

      Hehehehhee.... your poor legs! Ah well the monster hasn't eaten in a while... sorry! I'll be sure to inform your family. Laughing
  • Sep 27, 2005
    What a great face that fella has. I like the spikey slithery body too. Whatever he's got in the cave can stay there though best to keep ones distance from fangs and claws. +fav. Great work.
    • Oct 3, 2005
      Thanks, zacula! Big Smile It's not all bad, going up against someone like him... as long as you don't mind losing a couple layers of skin, and maybe a few metres of intestines, you may just come out all right. That may just be me being optimistic, but you never know. Cheers!
  • Jan 2, 2007
    Very cool ^^ I might try to get past him, but I don't think I'd make it XP




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