Posted Aug 3, 2007, 5:35:15 AM

Hesitant to call this complete, since I keep going back and changing things. Her skin still bugs me. Anyone got tips, there?

Done for now, at any rate. The space mermaid again, this time actually in space.

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  • Aug 2, 2007
    It depends on what you're going for - with the skin, I mean. If you want a more realistic look, remember that most shades reflect a little bit of the colours around them. In this case, bring some of that green right into the very edge area of the skin. Not everywhere, but in parts. If you can, make that layer slightly transparent, so as not to contrast -too- much with the original purple. Also, if this is a mermaid, and she's underwater - consider the light source. Are there reflections from overhead sunlight? are there weeds casting shadows?

    Of course, if you aren't going for Realism, none of this applies.
    Good job so far, keep it up!
    • Aug 5, 2007
      Thanks for the skin tips, I keep meaning to try reflection of colors but I always worry about messing up what I have. That's what undo is for, I suppose.

      XD She's not a regular mermaid, she's a continuation of a silly little in-joke of space mermaids (my other picture explains it). Thus the background.