ONK: Holy Knight Ezell

Posted Aug 7, 2007, 12:59:30 AM

This is another older piece (and an unfortunate victim of new pens...). This chica's look is heavily drawn from the Cyber Goth subculture.


Ezell's one of many characters in the colourful cast of my Oushiyugi Chronicles story. She's another Volcadian, sort of (though she doesn't look much like on since she bobbed her tail at 12 years of age and hides her ears behind the headband). You guys here won't know of that race, as I introduced them in my early Shadows of Darkness (Now called simply "Shadows")/Burning Stars art on Elfwood and dA ages ago and in the my Any where Is project. Volcadians are a vampiric alien race at war for centuries with their neighbours, the Cinia. Now then, why I said "sort of" in regards to her Volcadian origins is because she's only *half* Volcadian... the other half of her heritage is Ciniad. Like half-elves, she's not accepted well on either side.

Now then, there's a little something my long-time watchers have noticed about my Volcadian women... they seem to have something against modest clothing. There's a reason behind that (besides a sad means of my saving face and not looking like a drooling fangirl) and it isn't fanservice. Volcadian society is a very matriarchal system where the mature female form is a sign of power and perfection. Weaker women with lower self-esteems may cover their form in variying degrees of modest clothing, while aggressive and assertive women bare much skin in their attire as a means of asserting a powerful icon.

Ezell, being a mix of Volcadian, and the more patriarchal Ciniad race, took to the feminist Volcadian culture. As a sign of her liberation, she painfully bobbed her own tail at the age of twelve, began studying the holy magic that Volcadian priestesses practiced from Clismallism, and departed from her family unit on Ordel at nineteen in search of new faces and freedom.

Needless to say, she's got a nasty little feminist streak when prodded just right, though she's pretty good at keeping cool in most situations. She tend to be a happy character; she doesn’t get stupid about it, but she likes to show genuine happiness… be it benevolent or sadistic.

I think she's hot... >.< She's my icon against plastic girls.

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